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Collegiate Stockgrowers Club

The purpose Collegiate Stockgrowers Club is to educate students on opportunities and careers in agriculture.  As a member of this club you would participate in organinzing the local farm fair, attend the annual Stockgrowers meeting, and attend the Denver National Stock show.   


Brooke Erb at 406-683-7211.

KDWG 90.9

Student Leadership Club

The mission of the UMW Student Leadership Club is to give students the opportunity to participate in planning activities.  We facilitate student involvement on campus through sporting events and campus activities.


Anthony Johnson at (406) 683-7038

Veteran and Military Club

This club provides an opportunity for all students to interact with others with an interest in supporting veterans, military service members, their families, and their advocates.  It establishes peer support for those transitioning from the military to civilian community.  You will build relationships and gain access to resources through activities and outreach. 


Wendy Dumke at (406) 683-7537



Vet Science Club

This club provides an opportunity for students to interact with each other and faculty with an interest in veterinary medicine, science, and techniques.  You will be part of an experiential learning environment, working with both large and small animals.


Dr. Jan Winderl at (406) 683-7030 or (406) 683-7330

Libertine Party

UMW Libertine Party is a student organization dedicated to informing individuals of issues regarding personal liberty, rights, and resposibility, particularly for UMW students.  The club provides a wide variety of opportunities.  As a member you will host guest speakers, and organize student government debates.  You will have a voice in student liberties and serve as an outlet for other students to voice their concerns and opinions. 


Dr. Sean Eudaily at (406) 683-7103 

Young Farmers and Ranchers Club

The purpose of this organization is to further communication among people with an interest in agricultural issues, to educate students about the work of an agricultural organization, and to provide experience with local, state, and national government through active participation in legislative activities. As a member you will learn about Farm Bureau policies and activities and promote agriculturally related occupations.


Iola Else at (406) 683-7539

Paranormal Investigators Club

The University of Montana Western's Research Association for Paranormal Studies works to enhance the University's campus research for paranormal studies. As a member you will explore local and surrounding sites that may contain paranormal activity. Members are dedicated to learnig about paranormal phenomenon. Our club's goal is to educate ourselves, as well as others, while maintaining professionalism in this unique field.


Kathey Hupp at (406) 683-7282