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Mitch Jessen

While most students entering college struggle with the decision of what to do with their futures, Mitch Jessen always knew what he wanted.

"Most kids pretend to be a fireman or policeman when they are growing up, but I always pretended to be a teacher," says Jessen, a Montana Western transfer student and former student representative to the Montana Board of Regents.

Jessen is majoring in secondary education with an emphasis on history and social studies broad-field. He says history always fascinated him because it is a field that encompasses all humanities and helps answer fundamental questions about humans' existence.

Jessen attended both a large state university and a private tech school, but he came to Montana Western specifically because of Experience One (X1).

Since his transfer, Jessen says X1 has not let him down.

"The hands-on approach used with X1 leads to exciting classroom opportunities where students are not only guided by their professors but can also take an active role in their education," Jessen explains. "With lab work nearly every day, a student is given the chance to put what they have learned, discussed and even argued about to the test."

The small community atmosphere Montana Western offers also attracted Jessen. Without the faculty's and staff's hard work and personal interest in students, Jessen says X1 wouldn't be as successful as it is today.

"It is vital to surround yourself with people who are supportive and truly wish the best for you," Jessen says. "The faculty and staff at Montana Western are willing to become your friends and colleagues. It is truly nice to be a part of a campus where the student and their education is the center of the focus."

Jessen plans to take the education he received from Montana Western directly into the classroom after he graduates.

"As long as I have a classroom where I can teach, I'll be happy."