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Delaney Hansen ASUMW President 2015-16



Delaney's Speech During Orientation


Hometown: Lethbridge, AB Canada

Year: Junior

Major: Elementary Ed.

Hobbies: Hockey players, Drinking two pints of maple syrup and beer a day, Playing with my pet beaver, Ice skating, and Driving the Zamboni

Campus Involvement: Chi Alpha and Ed. Club

Goal on Student Senate: To leave a legacy and promote school spirt... GO DAWGS!

What’s your favorite thing about Western?

There is so much about Western that I love!

To begin with, our school offers the experience one program. This program allows me to gain real life experiences relating directly to my future as an educator through a one of a kind hands-on education.

The tight community of Western is another reason I love this school. There is no doubt that Montana Western is my home away from home. I feel comfortable and supported by the campus and community in Dillon- a feeling that is unique to this university.

Lastly, I love the education program. From the teachers to the classes, I believe the education program at Western is one of a kind. My teachers truly value me and my education. On top of this, the classroom community created in each of my classes is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

What is one quote that really describes you as a person or resonates with you?

President John Quincy Adams once stated, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” In this single quote, my ultimate goal for life is found. I believe that we were all put on earth to fulfill a specific purpose; for me, this purpose is to lead the future leaders of this country to success, to inspire students, and to help each student find a love for learning.

Where do you plan on being in the next five years? If I were to look ahead five years in my future, I would hope to be teaching at an English school a European country. I really do not have much planned besides for the fact that I would love to teach in Europe, surrounded by ancient culture and history. I also hope to be the proud owner of a Harley and a King Charles Spaniel named Sadie by the year 2020.

Who has impacted your life the most? Or who is your biggest role model?

My loving and supportive parents have been the driving force behind much of my life; because of this, I owe all that I have today to them. However, Eleanor Roosevelt has been a role model of mine since I was young. Her compassion, strength, and enthusiasm for life are just a few of her many qualities that I aspire towards; and on top of this, she was an amazing cook.

Why is there fuzz on a tennis ball?

Fuzz has been strategically manufactured on tennis balls since the year 1869. This has been done in attempts of enhancing the mouth cleaning/ breath freshening properties of a tennis balls for dog owners across the world.

When did you know without a doubt that you are a bulldog?

The moment I received the phone call informing me of my new position as the Student Body President of Montana Western, I knew without a doubt that I was a bulldog. Moving forward, I have grown to love this school more and more every day. This school has provided me with more than I could ever ask; for this, I am thankful. I am a bulldog through and through.