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January 12, 2015

Time: 5 pm
Location: Senate Conference Room
Present: President Brandon Hansen, Vice President Will Shirley, Office Manager Brooke Erb, Advisor Dr. John Hajduk, Chair Tess Turk, Senators Mikey Athearn, Ava Duncan, Claira Flores, Doug Hall, Kelsie Field, Tristan Hansen, Nick Miklos, Colt Nagy, Pinky Saxton, Tia Seymanski, George Sharbono, Skylar Shirley, Charley Yeager, Activities Coordinator Delaney Hansen, Intramurals Coordinator Colton Rohlf.
Excused:  Chris Brown.
Unexcused:  Kade Patton.

Call to order and roll call.

The meeting was called to order by Tess Turk, Chair. Roll call was taken by Brooke Erb, Office Manager.

Approval of minutes.

Doug made a motion to approve. Delaney seconded.

Amendments and agenda changes.

  • Add Activities Budget to Financial Committee.

Student concerns and comments.

  • Chris Casties has questions about our website.

Guest speakers

There were none.

Position Reports


  • This is a fee year, so the semester will be busy. Be participatory in the process and be vigilant. Consider resignation if you are not committed.

Vice President

  • The X-1 Grant Committee will meet soon.

Office Manager

  • There is an Earth Day meeting @ 7:00 Tuesday in the STC.  Claira volunteered to attend.
  • There is a large vehicle training January 21st @ 10:00.  Colt will attend.


  • John’s office is in Main Hall 302.  He is there from 9:00 or 9:30 am until he teaches his afternoon class.

Activities Coordinator

  • Delaney presented the spring activities budget. 
  • Charley, Nick, Skylar, and Tess will be on the Super Bowl Committee.

Intramurals Coordinator

  • Colton will have basketball until the week before spring break.  He will have dodgeball later.


  • There was no report.

Committee Reports

University Council

  • Administrators and community leaders proposed a series of license plates, athletic, retro, and modern.
  • The MAS Lobbyist is working to represent Montana.  They want a long range building plan as a lump sum.

New Business

E-Learning Roundtable Lunch

  • We have been asked to co-sponsor the lunch.  Pinky made a motion to sponsor.  Charley seconded.

History Candidate Lunch

  • Ava and Kelsie will attend tomorrow @ 11:30-12:15.  The professor presentation is at 3:30.

Campus Tours

  • Brandon will send e mails for volunteers.

Spring Election

  • The date for elections is April 1, 2015.

Financial Committee

Spring Activites Budget

  • Colt made a motion to approve funding of $19,635.  George seconded.  This passed a roll call vote.

Recognition of Accomplishment

  • Men's basketball for winning 12 games in a row.


  • Posters for Ski Day need to go up.
  • Bobbie Evans last day is Thursday.


  • Claira made a motion to adjourn. Doug seconded.