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Communication tools for faculty and staff.

The University of Montana Western is a very special place. Not only are we unique in American public higher education as the only institution offering Experience One, but we possess a number of unique characteristics that make us an unbeatable combination for many students here in Montana, across the country and around the globe.

Such an exceptional institution deserves an image or brand that clearly and concisely communicates the quality and uniqueness of our institution.

The tools on this page are designed to assist you in creating a wide range of materials for a number of uses. Please contact university relations if you are having difficulties or have questions (406-683-7298).

Using the templates.

The templates at right were created using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint covering many common communications needs. To use them click on the title to download to your computer.

The templates use Calibri fonts which should be installed on your computer. If not, please call the IT Help Desk at 406-683-7777.

Should you need a template not included at right, please call university relations at 406-683-7298. We will continue to design templates for use by the entire campus and post them here. We would also be happy to help answer your questions.

To download a template, simply click the title to download the Word document.

Using Montana Western branding elements.

Care should be taken to use our logos and symbols appropriately. Here are a few pointers:

  • Type should not be placed across any university symbol.

  • Please use logo and symbol files in their original configurations and avoid distorting elements. They may be enlarged or reduced to meet your specific needs (usually you can avoid distortion by holding down the shift key and using your pointer to enlarge or reduce the graphic).

  • Please don’t use low resolution graphics copied from the web or other sources. The files at right will provide high resolution images that should meet any need. We can assist if you need help (406-683-7298).


  • Logos and symbols
    The files below are vector based in PDF form. They can be enlarged or reduced without losing their resolution. Call if you need a different file format (406-683-7298).
  • Templates
    All templates were created in Microsoft Word except where noted.