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An Invitation from Chancellor Beth Weatherby.


An Invitation from Chancellor Beth Weatherby.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to a remarkably different kind of university. Founded in 1893, Montana Western is an institution committed to teaching, learning and student success. 

To further that commitment, our faculty and staff designed Experience One, an educational program unique in public higher education. Students here take one course at a time, allowing them not only to focus on a single area of exploration, but to engage in real-world, hands-on learning. 

Our award-winning faculty members focus on one group of students at a time, frequently including learning experiences in the community, places of business, national parks, fields and streams. Our dedicated staff members ensure that Montana Western students receive guidance and support from day one.

The results, more than a decade after Experience One was created, are extraordinary. Students at Montana Western finish what they start. We lead the state in enrollment growth, percentage of courses completed, number of degrees, even in the average credit load that students take. All of this adds up to fewer wasted hours, fewer wasted dollars and greater learning. Our graduates are highly competitive, whether entering the job market or pursuing graduate studies.

All of this takes place in an extraordinary environment, the charming and lively town of Dillon, which is surrounded by the beautiful mountain ranges and valleys of southwest Montana and on the western edge of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

We invite you to explore the University of Montana Western’s remarkable difference and look forward to meeting you.

Warmest regards,

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Beth Weatherby, Chancellor


Planning Our Future

One of the critical components in creating a bright future for the University of Montana Western is our strategic plan. I hope you will take a moment to click the link below and review our roadmap for the future. The plan represents the diligence and hard work of our students, staff, faculty and community members.  

Click to view the University of Montana Western's current strategic plan.