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Motor Pool

Motor Pool


The University of Montana Western motor pool offers a variety of clean, well-maintained vehicles for use by employees (faculty and staff, both permanent and temporary) and students at UM Western to perform university related business. While using the motor pool services, the staff, will try to help you with any questions you may have concerning your travel needs. The motor pool supervisor can be reached at the Facilities Services Office, 683-7326. 

The motor pool staff performs a number of duties upon completion of each trip; travel slips are checked for comments about needed repairs or problems, then vehicles are checked over for cleanliness and mechanical operation, every vehicle is filled with fuel and all fluid levels are checked and filled, and tires are checked for wear and safety. Service work is performed on a regular maintenance schedule which is determined by a mileage schedule, use, or condition; whichever may apply. These services include oil and filter change, lubrication, tuneup work, tires, minor repairs, etc. 

Vehicle Reservations

Vehicle reservations are made directly to the Motor Pool Office by written request, using the vehicle request form on the web page. No vehicle is to leave campus without an authorized travel slip. Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis. Make your vehicle request as soon as you know your travel schedule. This allows time for the motor pool to organize vehicle preparation for all requests. We are limited on the number of vehicles, so if you have changes or cancellations, please inform the Motor Pool Office, (406)683-7148, as soon as possible. A $15.00 charge will be applied for cancellations with less than 3 hours notification except in cases of adverse road conditions or bad weather. 

Remember:  All out-of-state travel must be approved by the Department Head. 

Students may not make their own reservations. The request must come from their class instructor or their club advisor.

Any comments or problems with the vehicle should be noted on the vehicle trip slip so that we may make corrections before the vehicle goes out on the road again. 

Vehicle Check Out

Your travel slip will be pinned to the board in the Facility Services foyer.  Notice the vehicle and license plate you have been assigned.  You must connect with a member of the staff to sign out and collect your keys.  Your vehicle will be in the motor pool parking lot.  Obtain the present mileage from the vehicle and re-pin your travel slip with the outgoing mileage printed on it, to the board.

Vehicle Use

Motor pool vehicles must be used for official state business and not personal use. Only authorized personnel shall drive or ride in motor pool vehicles. Family members are not allowed to "ride along". Any individuals reported using vehicles for personal or improper use are subject to discipline. 

No animals are allowed in the vehicles unless they are directly involved in university business. 

Maximum speed is 75 mph or as posted. Traffic violations are the responsibility of the person operating the vehicle. You must have a current State Vehicle Use form signed and on file at the office (yearly). To drive an SUV or Bus you must have taken the Motor Pool Driver Safety Training course (every 3 years).

Credit Cards

The Public Vehicle Fueling Program credit card may be used for purchases of gas only.  These cards do not work in Canada or Mexico.  Sign and obtain a receipt for all purchases. Gas credit cards are not to be used for personal purchases. It is always best to double-check with the facility that the card will be accepted before purchasing gas.  If the station will not accept the credit cards, pay in cash or by Procard, and you will be reimbursed. Remember that if you pay in cash or by Pro Card, attach the receipt to the travel slip for reimbursement purposes. Reimbursement will be made only with a receipt, no exceptions. 

Tire Purchases

If a tire purchase is absolutely necessary, try to buy a tire at a tire distributor rather than a service station. Use your pro card or if you do not have a pro card, pay in cash, and you will be reimbursed, or have them contact us at 683-7148 to arrange for payment.  If you can get home on the spare but feel you need to purchase a tire to use as a backup spare, a used tire can usually be purchased very inexpensively. 


If an accident occurs, contact the proper authorities (i.e., highway patrol or local police) immediately and then contact the Motor Pool Office. Complete the accident reports (located in the glove box), sign and exchange with the second party as required, and submit to the Motor Pool Office. If you need to contact the Motor Pool office outside of working hours call the Boiler Plant at (406) 596-2222 or Joe Chipponeri at (406) 925-3408.

Major Repairs/Emergencies

If a major breakdown occurs, call the Motor Pool Office at (406) 683-7148 or (406) 683-7142 for instructions on how to proceed. You may call the Boiler Plant for instructions after normal business hours at (406)596-2222 or Joe Chipponeri  at (406) 925-3408 for instructions on how to proceed. 


All employees of the State of Montana are covered for any bodily injury.  Complete the incident form at the Business Services Office.  Personal belongings are not covered by insurance. For vehicle damage, the motor pool is self-insured. The person/department that is renting the vehicle is responsible for the first $250.00, including towing charges for accidental damages. Liability insurance is carried by the State of Montana under a statewide fleet insurance policy for which the motor pool is billed directly. 

Check In Procedure

Vehicles are to be returned to the Motor Pool parking lot.  If there is no room in the lot, park it in front of the Boiler Plant.  The vehicle keys should be brought into the Facilities Services foyer. Please remember to close all windows, remove any personal belongings, check for garbage, and lock the doors. Incoming mileage should be written on your vehicle travel slip. Please leave any gasoline purchase receipts with your travel slip, or in the gas card sleeve. Deposit the vehicle keys in the box on the wall in the foyer.

UM-Western Motor Pool Rental Rates
Minimum Charge
Type Mile Rate Day Rate
Car $0.37 $16.00 if under 50 miles
Mini Van $0.49 $18.00 if under 60 miles
SUV $0.55 $19.00 if under 40 miles
Bus $0.60 $20.00 if under 40 miles

The "day rate" is a minimum. If the cost-per-mile calculation exceeds the day rate, the cost-per-mile will be used instead. These rates are for normal vehicle use on maintained roads and streets. 

* These rates are for out of town travel and does not cover Facilities Services utility vehicles for on-campus and local use, when available. The charge for a utility vehicle is $7.00 for an hour or less, or $14.00 for over one hour. If a utility vehicle is checked out to take on the road the rate is $0.60 per mile.

Thank you for using UM-Western's Motor Pool. We hope that you have a safe and enjoyable trip and that our services help provide this for you. We would appreciate any written or verbal comments from people using our services. We feel these comments will help us to better serve our customers.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

The health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors is a primary concern of The University of Montana - Western. This document, in compliance with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act and the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act, outlines the policies and procedures designed to aid in a safe and productive learning, working, and living environment. We hope that you will read it carefully and then use this information to foster safety, security, and wellness for yourself and others on YOUR UM-Western Campus. 

Your Responsibility

Creating and maintaining a healthy and safe environment requires the cooperation and involvement of everyone. All students, faculty, staff, and visitors must assume responsibility for their personal health and safety and the security of their personal belongings. Precautionary measures are the key. For example, although the campus is well lighted, anyone--male or female--may feel free to contact Campus Security (406) 683-7141 or (406) 457-7530 for an escort when traveling across campus late at night. 

Room doors should be locked at night and when the room is unoccupied. Valuable items such as stereos, cameras, and televisions should be marked with an engraving tool and the serial numbers be written down and kept in a safe place. Bicycles should be secured with a sturdy lock. Students with vehicles need to park in designated parking lots and keep their vehicles locked at all times. Valuables should be locked in the trunk or kept in a secured room or apartment. Suspicious-looking individuals who do not belong in residence halls or parking lots should be reported to Campus Security or the Dillon City Police. If students choose to drink alcohol, they should do so in moderation. If alcohol use becomes abusive, those students are asked to seek help. 

Be advised that The University of Montana - Western does not assume responsibility for individual acts and activities. Moreover, it is not responsible for damage to employees' personal property or property belonging to students unless the loss is due to negligent or wrongful acts or omission of state employees, agents, or officers in accordance with Montana State Liability and Insurance Act, Title 2, Chapter 9, Parts 1-3 MCA. Students failing to provide coverage for their personal property will be responsible for paying any loss themselves. 

The Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act

In November 1990, the Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act was signed into law. The crime reporting provisions of the act require all 8,000 post-secondary institutions that receive federal financial assistance to report specific crimes to their campus community, warn them when specific violent crimes occur on campus, and develop crime awareness programs and security policies. Because no campus is totally isolated from crime, The University of Montana - Western has developed policies and procedures that are designed to help protect people on campus. Although the campus has been fortunate in not experiencing a significant number of crimes, a risk-free environment cannot be guaranteed. A truly safe campus can be achieved only through shared knowledge and the cooperation of all students, faculty, and staff. This document is part of an effort to ensure that such a collaborative endeavor is implemented and successful. 

Campus Security

The Campus Security office is part of the Facilities Services office in the basement of the Office/Classroom Building. The Campus Security operation is a 24-hour-a-day function at The University of Montana - Western. During normal working hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.), Security can be reached by calling (406) 683-7142. Weekends, holidays, and between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., campus personnel may be reached at the heating plant by calling (406) 683-7141. 

Campus Security is responsible for a full range of public safety services including vehicle violations, maintaining instructional integrity and building security, fire safety, and key issues. Security is also responsible for preparing and submitting incident reports as well as keeping a nightly log book. 

Campus Security personnel are to make assessments based on established laws and policies, direct training, and personal judgement. 


How and When to Report a Crime or Emergency


  1. Call from any campus telephone.
  2. Dial (406) 683-7142 (daytime until 4:00 p.m.) or (406) 683-7141 (4:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.) or call (406) 596-2222 (anytime).
  3. Dial 911 from any campus telephone to access the Dillon City Police Department.
  4. Call quickly and do not assume that someone else has called.
  5. Give a clear description of the incident and location.


  1. You see that someone is injured or ill.
  2. You see fire or smell smoke.
  3. You see anything suspicious.
  4. You see someone hurting someone else.
  5. You see someone stealing something or committing any criminal act.

Key Policy

It is the policy of The University of Montana - Western to maintain control and accountability for the issue and return of all keys which allow access to campus buildings. It shall be the responsibility of Facilities Services to administer this program. 

Instructional Buildings Keys

It is the policy of The University of Montana - Western that other than during normal working hours, all buildings shall be locked in order to maintain the security of both buildings and their contents.
  1. Keys are issued for entry of buildings for the purpose of conducting university business only.
  2. An authorized individual entering or leaving a locked building shall not permit any individual to enter who would not normally be permitted to enter the building during the hours it is locked. An authorized individual may have guests so long as the guests stay in the proximity of the faculty or staff member having the assigned key and the authorized individual assumes full responsibility for their presence.
  3. An individual entering or leaving a locked building shall be responsible for securing the door and turning out the lights. Additionally, that individual may be held responsible for any loss or damage to university property resulting from the failure to do so.

To Whom Keys May Be Issued

  • Keys will be issued to faculty and staff of The University of Montana - Western only.
  • All key requests must be made through the mailroom approximately one week prior to needing the keys.
  • Employees wanting keys to areas not under their direction must have a signature, on the key request form, from the person responsible for the area to which the employee is requesting access.
  • Student club or organization members must request keys through their advisors. Keys will then be issued to the appropriate advisors.
  • Employees who want students to have access to normally locked areas must make a key request through the mailroom. Keys will be issued to the employee making the request.
  • Keys will be issued to specific locks only. No submaster or master keys will be issued.
Employees are responsible for all keys received. 

Lost or Stolen Keys

Lost or stolen keys must be reported to the mailroom immediately. 

A person or department reporting lost or stolen keys may be monetarily responsible for any lock changes and new key issues as needed to remedy any potential problems. Examples of some costs, as of 11/01, are: 

Passage set replacement $75.00 (includes 1-3 keys)
Core replacement $40.00 (includes 1-3 keys)
Additional keys (each) $1.00
Deadbolt replacement $95.00 (includes 1-3 keys)

NOTE: Repair and replacement costs may vary due to current costs. 

Return of Keys

All keys remain the property of the university and shall be returned under the following conditions:
  1. Upon the transfer to another department or building.
  2. Upon termination of employment.
  3. Upon the request of the department chair or administrative head.
  4. Upon being granted a leave of absence without pay for a period of 30 or more calendar days. However, staff members granted such leaves may retain their keys if they are authorized to have access to the buildings and/or offices during the leave.

Special Circumstances

  • Special assignment of keys, where required, (such as contractors, etc.) must be authorized by the Director of Facilities Services only.
  • Special circumstances, such as one department/person holding a key for another department/person, must be arranged between the departments/persons. Any such keys will be the responsibility of the requesting department/person. All other procedures will apply.


How Do I Get Keys?

To request a key, you must fill out a key request form at the mail room. This form must be signed by the head of your department. Students will not be issued keys (see Key Policy). If you turn the key request into the mail room, your key order should be filled the following day. A notice will then be put in your mail box. You will be able to pick up your keys at the mail room window. 

How Can I Get Into My Building or Office?

If you are a faculty or staff member and need access to a particular building or office, please contact the areas listed below. 

If the person responding to your request does not know you, he/she may ask for some form of picture I.D. before allowing you to access any area. 

Access requests into an office area will be limited to your area only. You will not be allowed into any other person's office/area. 

Students requesting access to an area after normal lockdown hours will be allowed access only if the situation is an emergency. Those students who are allowed in will be escorted by the responding person to the requested area and escorted back out. No student will be left in a building unattended. The person responding to a student's request may require some form of picture I.D. 

Emergency Phone Numbers for Key Access
TimeResponding OfficePhone Number
7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Facilities Services (406) 683-7142
4:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. Boiler Plant Office (406) 683-7141
or (406 596-2222 (cell)
Weekends & Holidays Boiler Plant Office (406) 683-7141 or 
(406) 596-2222 (cell phone)

How Can I Contact Someone Concerning Security Issues?

If you need to contact someone concerning a security issue, please call the numbers listed below. 

Emergency Phone Numbers for Security Issues
TimeResponding OfficePhone Number
7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Facilities Services (406) 683-7142
4:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. Boiler Plant Office (406) 683-7141
or (406) 596-2222 (cell)
Weekends & Holidays Boiler Plant Office (406) 683-7141 or 
(406) 596-2222 (cell phone)

Facilities Services Home

Facilities Services - Home

It is the goal of Facilities Services to provide a safe and comfortable learning and working environment for the students, faculty and staff of The University of Montana Western. Furthermore, Facilities Services will maintain the integrity of UM Western's properties. 


Please feel free to call our offices at (406) 683-7142 for assistance.

Campus Profile

The campus of The University of Montana Western, in Dillon Montana, consists of approximately thirty-nine (39) acres, of which thirty (30) acres lie in one block. The unattached nine (9) acres is represented mostly by the athletic field which is approximately seven city blocks from the main campus. 

Not included in those thirty-nine acres is The University of Montana Western Outdoor Education Center at Birch Creek located approximately twenty miles north of Dillon. This educational facility consists of seven buildings. Six of these buildings, 12,406 sq.ft, are owned by the Forest Service and one building, The Bender Center, 7,016 sq. Ft., is owned by The University of Montana - Western. These seven buildings sit on seven (7) acres of land which is leased from the United States Forest Service. 

Situated on the main campus are sixteen (16) major buildings. The first campus building was constructed in 1897 and the most recent building was built in 2000.

How do I request work to be done for me?

UM-Western's Facilities Services is currently using a computerized work order system. If you are in need of services offered by the Facilities Services Division, you must first fill out a work order request form. These forms are also available in the Facilities Services Office (located in the Engineer's House). The work order will be assigned a work number and put on a priority list. A copy of your work order request will be sent to you if you did not retain one. 

If you feel your need for a maintenance person is an emergency, please call the Facilities Services Office immediately. The telephone number is (406) 683-7142 Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  All other times, call the Boiler Plant at (406) 683-7141.  Some of the items that are classified as emergencies are:

  • health and life safety issues
  • roof leaks
  • plugged plumbing fixtures
  • running water or leaking water lines
  • electrical problems

How do I contact a custodian if I need one?

During fall and spring semesters, UM-Western's custodial personnel work hours are from 2:00 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Summer hours will vary, but are generally 10:00 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. To contact a custodian, you can call the Custodial Office in the Engineer's House (406) 683-7326 or the Facilities Services Office (406) 683-7142 and report that a custodian is needed. If no one answers the telephone, please leave a voice message and someone will respond as soon as possible.