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Residency Requirements

Residency Requirements

All students with fewer than 30 credits are required to live in the residence halls. Exceptions to this policy are granted for the following reasons:
  • The student is living at home with a parent or legal guardians.
  • The student is 20 years of age or older.
  • The student is married or has child custody.
Students wishing to be exempted from the housing requirement must complete a Housing Exemption Form available from the Residence Life Office. Students wishing to cancel their housing contract after having picked up their key must complete a Housing Cancellation Request, also available from the Residence Life Office.

Students living in the dorms are required to purchase a meal plan.

Returning Resident Room Sign-Ups

Returning Resident Room Sign-Ups

Each year Montana Western invites on-campus housing residents to return for the following academic year and to sign up for a room in one of the residence halls. Students can return to the room they currently live in, or can choose a different room in one of the housing complexes. 

Students requesting to stay in their same room are allowed to sign up first. From there, Seniors, then Juniors, then Sophomores are allowed to sign up. Finally, first year students can sign up based upon lottery numbers assigned during the month of March. 

Returning Room Sign-ups usually occur in April and the calendar for sign-ups will be determined by February 1. Please check back after February 1 for current dates.

Housing Calendar

Housing Calendar


Students who cancel their Housing Contract in writing by JULY 15, will receive a 100% refund of housing deposit.

Students who cancel their Housing Contract in writing by AUGUST 15, will receive a 50% refund of housing deposit.

Students who cancel their Housing Contract in writing through the Residence Life Office after August 15th, will receive a refund of all but the $200 of the Housing deposit.

New Students may request an exemption from the on-campus housing requirement through August 29th with no penalty. Exemption requests received after a Housing Contract has been signed will be subject to the above cancellation guidelines. Students who do not file for an exemption before August 29th are assumed to be living on campus and are subject to the housing fees and cancellation guidelines.

July 15 - August 29:   Cancellation/Exemption Deadline
      (Deposit not refunded after this date if student cancels contract.) 

August 25: Fall Move-In (8:00 AM)

August 29: Fall Classes Begin

Dec 21: Last Day of Block 4 

Dec 22: Students must move out of the Residence Halls for Winter by noon. 

Jan 6: Students may return to residence halls for Spring Semester

Jan 9: Students who cancel their Housing Contract in writing by January 9 will receive a 100% refund of any Housing or Cleaning Fees paid. No refunds for notices after the semester starts. 

Jan 9: Spring Classes Begin

May 3: Last day of Block 8

May 6: Students must move out of residence halls by noon for summer break unless participating in graduation ceremonies.

Resident Mail

Resident Mail

All students residing in on-campus housing are assigned an on-campus mail box. This mailbox is considered a legal U.S. mailing address and, as such, can receive all U.S. Mail. On-campus residents have the following address:

Students Name
750 East Cornell St. #________
Dillon, MT 59725

Mail numbers are assigned when checking into on-campus housing. Mail will be delivered by 4:00 pm on days the mail is delivered to the Residence Life Office.

Family Housing

Family Housing

Family Housing Facilities
Family Housing, consisting of 16 apartments (10 one-bedroom and 6 two-bedroom), is available to student families on a first-come, first served basis. Apartments include a standard 11'3"X17'10" kitchen/living area,10'10"X12,2" bedroom, and 5'X7'bathroom.

Apply for Family Housing.

What To Bring
Tenants must supply their own furnishings, dishes and cooking utensils, bed linen, blankets, towels, clothes hangers, ect. 

Laundry Room
Coin-operated washers and dryers are located in the basements storage area of the Family Housing unit for use by Family Housing Tenants only. Apartments are not equipped with waseher-dryer hookups.

Storage Locker
Each Family Housing apartment is assigned a storage locker, which is located in the basements. Tenants must provide their own padlock for security of items in storage.

Cable TV, computer hookup, garbage, water, electricity, and heat are included in the monthly rent.

Family Housing Prices
2 Room Apartment      $520.00
1 Room Apartment      $463.00

Wireless Routers Are NOT Allowed Anywhere On Campus.

Floor Plans

Floor Plans

There are two housing complexes at Western.

The JDC complex consists of 3 interconnected buildings comprised of Jordan, Davis, and Centennial Halls. The other complex is Mathews Hall. Below you'll find floor charts for each complex. These charts will help you see the location of rooms in relation to the bathrooms, laundry facilities, exits, etc. For building descriptions and floor plan options click on the links below. 

Jordan Hall 
Jordan is a two-story building consisting of one female floor and one male floor. There are community bathrooms as well as a laundry room. In-room computing and cable TV are available in this hall.
Davis Hall 
Davis Hall is a three story building consisting of one male floor and one female floor. The second floor of Davis is the Campus Student Services center, comprised of the Student Affairs Office,the Counseling Office, the Resident Mail Room, the Facilities Office, and a TV Lounge. There are community bathrooms on the residential floors and public restrooms near the Student Affairs Office. In-room computing and cable TV are available in this hall.
Centennial Hall 
Centennial is the last of the three buildings in the JDC complex. It is a three story building. There are community bathrooms on each floor and a laundry room for the Hall. In-room computing and cable TV are available in this hall.
Mathews Hall 
Built in 1920, Mathews is the second oldest building on campus. It is connected to the Campus Dining Facility and has other amenities. Each room in Mathews Hall has its own unique shape and size. There are a few rooms with private bathrooms, although returning students tend to sign up for these during Spring Semester Returning Resident Room Sign-ups. The 2nd and 3rd floors are co-ed, but have separate community bathrooms for each sex. Cable Tv and internet is available in this hall. There is also a TV lounge, laundry facility and Piano rooms.

Housing Prices

Housing Prices

ROOM PLANS - per semester2016-17 Prices
Regular Single $1500
Large Single $1612
Suite (as a single) $1772
Regular Double $1376
Suite (as a double) $1448
2-rm apt (as a double) $1500

DINING PLANS - per semester
Monday through Friday unlimited access plus continental breakfast, burger bar and dinner on weekends, holidays and block breaks


Includes a $130.00 flex to be used at the Bark-n-Bite and Dining Hall.

Res Life

Residence Life

General Information
Residence Life at The University of Montana Western is committed to upholding the academic mission of the university within the campus residential setting. It is the goal of the Residence Life Staff to provide residents with a safe and respectful learning community. In Residence Life, we promote a fun lifestyle and a sense of belonging through a wide range of social and personal experiences.

Specifically, we:
  • stress the importance of education and being a student;
  • make the halls a fun and relaxed place to live by offering social and recreational opportunities;
  • are a staff that the campus knows and respects;
  • model a positive lifestyle for all students, despite background or life experience;
  • are fair and consistent in applying rules and regulations.
Our staff is taught additional values that we attempt to uphold throughout the school year, both on- and off-campus.

These values include:
  • Personal Development
  • Respect for others
  • Development of Unity
  • Development of Community
Residence Life operations are housed within the Student Affairs Division. Questions regarding residence life and housing should be directed to Wendy Mehring at (406) 683-7565. 

Wireless Routers Are NOT Allowed Anywhere On Campus.