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Self Screening Tools

Self Screening Tools

If you are considering counseling but are unsure if you should, the following self-screening tools may help to determine the next step for you.



Campus & Community Outreach

Campus & Community Outreach

Classroom Presentations -
In addition to offering individual sessions for students we also are frequently invited to classes to speak on subjects related to the curriculum such as substance abuse, eating disorders, stress management, or building healthy relationships.

Special Awareness Events -
The Campus Counseling Program takes the lead in coordinating awareness campaigns or events specific to mental health such as depression screenings, stress buster fairs, and mental health  movie nights to normalize the need to get help when treatment is needed.

Conferences –
From time to time, Campus Counseling will host, or co-host with our Local Advisory Council on Mental Health or another group, a conference, workshop or webinar for professionals in mental health, community lay leaders or the public at large to further awareness and education in the area of mental health.

Counseling Staff

Meet The Staff

Lynn Myer Weltzien, LCSW –

Lynn has directed our Campus Counseling Program since 1992 when she and husband Alan moved to Montana from Virginia. She has a friendly, caring personality and is open to the diversity of students we have at UMW. At Montana Western Lynn has specialized in creating and sustaining an independent identity, relationships, anxiety/stress reduction, sexual orientation concerns, and depression and suicide prevention. She would love to meet you and help you to feel more comfortable and productive during your college years. Many students find just a session or two makes all the difference in the world.

Lynn got her BA in Sociology from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee in 1976 and her Master’s in the Science of Social Work from the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky in 1980.  In Virginia, Lynn directed an undergraduate BSW program so she has worked in the collegiate arena for a long time. Her previous experiences include therapeutic pre-school, adolescent substance abuse, adult mental health and geriatric care.

Lynn was appointed to the Local Advisory Council on Mental Health by our county commissioners and is also a founding and active member of the Montana College Counseling Association. She is a certified QPR trainer and is frequently teaching this suicide prevention strategy to groups around the community.

When Lynn is not working she is usually gardening, sewing, painting or traveling. She likes to visit her grown children which often necessitates travel abroad. She is crazy about her Australian Shepherd, Sadie, with whom she is pictured here.

Jerry Girard, LCPC, MAC

Jerry has been with the Montana Western Campus Counseling Program since January of 2010. Following 3 semesters as a counseling intern, he became a full time counselor in the Fall of 2011. Having previously been a high school teacher and coach for 13 years, Jerry finds being a college counselor a good fit personally and professionally. Jerry earned a Bachelor of Science in Education from Minot State University in 1992. From the University of Great Falls, he earned a Master of Science in Addiction Counseling in 2008, and a Master of Science in Counseling in 2011.

Jerry is known as a warm and compassionate counselor who has an innate ability to establish rapport with students. He enjoys working with students to help them overcome emotional obstacles to reaching their personal and academic goals. In addition to mental health counseling, Jerry is a qualified addictions counselor who is capable of working with students to overcome their substance use issues, including tobacco use. Because of his background as a college athlete, Jerry also has an interest in working with university student-athletes in an effort to more effectively attain their athletic goals. Jerry is also a dynamic teacher and is often involved in classroom and health promotion activities on campus.

Jerry has lived in Dillon, MT with his wife Sherri and his three children Alicia, Zach, and Isaiah since 1999. When not working, Jerry enjoys spending time with his family and attending his children’s activities and athletic events. He is a supporter of the arts and fancies himself an amateur scholar of classic American music. Jerry is also involved in various civic activities promoting mental health and the arts in the community of Dillon. In addition to being a counselor at The University of Montana Western, Jerry is also an adjunct professor at the University of Great Falls.


Campus Counseling

What is counseling?

Counseling is a confidential, professional relationship that empowers students to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals by overcoming personal obstacles.

Why counseling?

College can be stressful and almost all students experience occasional difficulties that can throw them off track. Montana Western's licensed counselors are non-judgmental, skilled listeners who help you clarify your own thoughts and feelings, gain insight into your behavior, and develop a plan to reach your goals. Montana Western takes a progressive approach as more and more UMW students recognize the value of having their own counselor with which to troubleshoot problems. Typical problems include anxiety, depression, relationships, eating disorders, homesickness, sexual/gender identity concerns, sexual trauma, sleep difficulties, career choices, etc.

Who can receive counseling?

Confidential counseling is free to all students enrolled in at least 7 credits per semester. Non-student partners can also be seen as a part of couples or family counseling.

When is counseling offered?

Counseling is offered August through May, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can ask for the first appointment available or for Lynn or Jerry, specifically. Emergencies will be seen on the same day. For summer concerns contact the number below for options.

How do I make an appointment?

Please call our administrative assistant at (406) 683-7388. For an after-hour emergency call (406) 925- 9828.

Where is campus counseling?

We are located in the Dean of Students Center at 528 Poindexter Street.