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Dawg House

Dawg House

Open Daily - 9 AM to Midnight

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Billiards - 50 Cents

Buck Hunter Pro - 50 Cents

Foosball - 25 Cents

Ping Pong - Free

Shuffleboard - Free





Last Day of Block 8 - Club Funding Applications Due

Club E-Mails will be updated & fixed soon - E-Mail will be sent out to current club officers shortly

Senate Elections


Click here to apply for an ASUMW Senator position

Click here to apply for an ASUMW Executive Position

Please welcome the following new & returning members of ASUMW:

2016-17 ASUMW

President - Delaney Hansen

Vice President - Kelsie Field

Biology - Dennara Gaub

Business - Tia Seymanski

Education - Jessica Partner

English - Kacee Williams

Environmental Science - Theresa Galhouse

Equine Studies - Chad Funk

Fine Arts - Mathew Sekerak

General - Shayla McGregor

               Destany Field

               Wyatt Sarrazin (next highest votes overall, takes math seat opening)

HHP - Tanner Lehr

HPSS - Seth Hogan

Math - No candidate


Contact Us

Contact Us


CLICK HERE to quickly send us your comments, concerns, & suggestions. You can also always send us an e-mail at

Individual Contact Information

ASUMW President - Cole Snider

E-Mail -


ASUMW Vice President - Jes Tews
E-Mail -


ASUMW Activities Coordinator - Kelsie Field

E-Mail -


ASUMW Office Manager - Keeley Fitzgerald

E-Mail -






Intramurals will take place in the BARC,  on the Tundra, and the football practice fields. 

ASUMW sponsored intramurals include: basketball , kickball, soccer, flag football, ultimate frisbee, and much more! 

 To discuss campus intramurals please contactthe ASUMW Intramurals Director Marcus Monaco, His email is



The ASUMW Activities Coordinator is responsible for bringing student events to campus. These events include ASUMW sponsored ski and golf days, hypnotists, Homecoming events and much more!

The ASUMW Activities Coordinator is also responsible for publishing the Weekly Flush, a weekly bathroom newsletter that highlights club events, activities and other important university dates.

 To discuss campus activities or add an item to the Weekly Flush please contact Kelsie Field, the ASUMW Activities Coordinator for the 2016-17 year. Her email is


X-1 Grants

Experiential Learning Grant & Online Application


The ASUMW Student Senate created the Experience One Grant fund to support students at the University of Montana Western who are seeking to further their education outside of the traditional boundaries of the University. Activities qualifying for this grant include, but are not limited to, conferences, seminars and study abroad opportunities.

In order to have a complete application and to be considered for funding, please thoroughly review the attached instructions below seeing as many things have changed. Please make sure to complete the checklist of items. If you have any issues with the online application please don't hesitate to e-mail the ASUMW VP at You can also stop by our ASUMW Office anytime Monday-Thursday 8-5. Our phone number is (406) 683-7211.

Spring 2017 Application Online - Deadline is the last day of Block 6 at 5PM - Click HERE

Complete Application Checklist

  • Read Instructions & Sample Letter - Click HERE
  • Print and Fill out Signature Page - Click HERE
  • Turn in your signature page to the ASUMW Office
  • You'll receive a confirmation e-mail when your online application has been submitted