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  • Ashley Carlson Ph.D.
  • Bethany Blankenship, Ph.D.
  • O. Alan Weltzien, Ph. D.
  • Shane Borrowman, Ph.D.

Ashley Carlson Ph.D.

Ashley Carlson has a bachelor’s in English and French from Chapman University. She earned her PhD in English Literature from the University of New Mexico in 2011. Her research has focused on 19th and 20th century literature, cultural studies, feminism, women’s literature and popular culture.

Ashley recently published “Genius on Television,” a book of essays about the portrayal of brilliant characters on television, such as “The Big Bang Theory,” “Bones,” “Sherlock,” “Scandal,” and “Fringe.”


Bethany Blankenship, Ph.D.

Bethany Blankenship has a passion for helping students become better readers and writers.

The primary architect of Stretch English, a course in college composition extended over two blocks, Blankenship encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning and become confident, fluent writers. An avid supporter of service learning, Blankenship has overseen student work on behalf of the Beaverhead County Humane Society, the Dillon Public Library, and the Dillon Tribune.

Blankenship’s research on teaching and learning can be read in the books “The MLA Guide to Approaches” to Teaching The Canterbury Tales and “Linked Courses for General Education and Integrative Pedagogy.” Her book, “The Sociology of Women’s Reading Throughout History” is forthcoming from Sense Publishers.

O. Alan Weltzien, Ph. D.

Alan Weltzien is a published non-fiction writer and editor. He most recently published a memoir entitled “A Father and an Island” in addition to “The Norman Maclean Reader” and “Thomas Savage: a Forgotten Novelist.” Weltzien has received two Fulbright Fellowships and one University of Montana Faculty Exchange Award.

Weltzien incorporates hands-on experiences and practical contact with the literature he teaches.

Shane Borrowman, Ph.D.

Shane Borrowman is a teacher of writing and editor/co-editor of six collections of original scholarship, including "Trauma and the Teaching of Writing," "Rhetoric in the Rest of the West," and "On the Blunt Edge: Technology in Composition's Pedagogy and History." He has also edited/co-edited three writing textbooks, including "The Promise of America" and "The Cost of Business." As a writer, his work has appeared in publications as diverse as "Renaissance Magazine," "Brevity," and "Rhetoric Review." Borrowman has written on topics ranging from boxing in medieval England and the value of the astrolabe to Renaissance navigation to medieval Arabic scholars on Aristotle and Jeannette Rankin's overlooked importance in the history of the American peace movement.