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business reports on a deskAnalysis of the operations of small businesses and the roles they play in the economy is the focus of this capstone course, which is taken prior to the internship experience. Using a strategic planning context, the following topics are covered: strategic planning, marketing, finance, production, management, legal issues, and technology. Activities, many of which involve teams, include case studies, shadowing, consulting, guest speakers, and simulations. A national standardized exam is administered at the conclusion of this course.

BUS 217: Business & Electronic Communications

business people shaking hands with a global backgroundAs the first required course for all business majors, this course establishes the communications foundation for the degree program. Students will learn to write measurable objectives; how to analyze and use case studies; practice writing, speaking, and listening skills through multiple applications and learn how to work with a team. The dynamic course is adjusted each term to help meet the expressed objectives of the students. Each student will leave the course with a portfolio showcasing their writing skills.