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ISSS 441: World Resources

globe in a wood crate boxResource scarcities are the source of conflict in many parts of the world, and appropriate and sustainable development is crucial to sustaining the supply of oil, forests, minerals, fish, and other resources. This course examines the nature and distribution of world resources, the potential for conflict over these resources, and potential means of achieving sustainability. Students will be evaluated on written assignments, a term project, and class discussion.

HSTA 386 Women's History

Rosy  the ReveterWomen have played an incredibly important role in shaping American society over the years, but you would be hard-pressed to find evidence of that in most traditional textbooks.  In this class we examine not only what women have done throughout American History, but also the unique perspectives (both contemporary and historical) they offer in recording those experiences.  Class projects include the production of radio documentaries and public poster presentations, which allow us not only to use the wealth of audio and visual materials available on this topic, but also to spread what we learn to the broader community.