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The University of Montana Western rodeo team will wrap up the spring 2014 regular season this weekend in Missoula at the University of Montana Rodeo. The Bulldogs come away from the University of Great Falls rodeo with many athletes placing in the Championship Go-Round and Samantha Jo Bird winning the all-around.

Jade-Gorrell-UGF-RodeoUMW's Jade Gorrell - Photo courtesy Larry Beckner/Great Falls TribuneThe individuals who placed in the go-round qualifiers in tie-down roping include Payson Munns first (9.7), Shay Wacker fifth (11.5), Dalton Tamcke sixth (11.8), Jesse Medearis seventh (12.2), and Colt Nagy ninth (12.6). In barrel racing Sammy Bird qualified with a time of 13.09 as she went on to win the all-around in Great Falls. In bull riding Quinn Greenough was the lone qualifier for the Bulldogs.

Kody-Lahaye2Kody LahayeHeading into the final event in Missoula the UMW men are currently in third place in the team competition with 3,095.00 points. The Bulldog men have four athletes in the top 11 in the all-around. They include Kody Lahaye currently in second with 1,435.00 points, Philip Shield in seventh (832 points), Tanner Denton in tenth (667.50 points), and Parker Bignell in eleventh (541 points). The UMW men have six team members who are currently in the top four in their respective events. They include steer wrestlers Kane Cartwright (805 points) and Kody Lahaye (762 points) who sit first and second, and Philip Shields who is first in bull riding with 582.0 points. Other Bulldogs near the top are Jesse Medearis who currently second in tie down roping with 634 points while Kody Lahaye is third with 600 points, and saddle bronc competitor Doug Hall is fourth with 458 points.

Justinn-Marshall2Justinn MarshallThe UMW women are currently second in the team competition with 2,974 points. The Bulldog women have four athletes in the top seven in the overall competition. They i8nclude Justinn Marshall in second place with 1,20.5 points, Tess Turk in fourth with 870.83 points, Samantha Jo Bird in sixth with 540 points, and Jade Gorell in seventh with 509 points. Individually Justinn Marshall is first in breakaway roping with 463 points, while teammate Samantha Jo Bird is currently third with 280 points. In goat tying Justinn Marshall (557.5 points) and Tess Turk (497.5 points) sit fourth and fifth respectively.



FINAL RESULTS – University of Great Falls Rodeo

(Bull Riding not available)

Bareback – 1. Wyatt Bloom, MSU, 136; 2. Jordan Gill, MSU, 126; 3. Cavan Wrzenski, MSU, 80; 4. Charlie Mack, MSUN, 66.

Tie Down Roping – 1. Duston Stephens, UM, 21.5; 2. Shay Wacker, UMW, 26.2; 3. Zach Johnson, DCC, 27.1; 4. Dalton Tamke, UMW, 27.4.

Breakaway Roping – 1. Sammy Bird, UMW, 6.3; 2. Dani Dowton, MSU, 6.8; 3. Ava Rankin, MCC, 7.4; 4. Kelsey Pierson, MCC, 9.1.

Saddle Bronc – 1. Ricky Warren, NWC, 143; 2. Doug Hall, UMW, 135; 3. Tanner Denton, UMW, 125; 4. Kade Ensign, MSU, 117.

Steer Wrestling – 1. Kane Cartwright, UMW, 10.0; 2. Dalyn Wingard, NWC, 10.2; 3. Duston Stephens, UM, 12.7; 4. Luke Whitford, UM, 13.6.

Goat Tying – 1. Justinn Marshall, UMW, 14.9; 2. Danielle Staudenmeyer, MSU, 15.0; 3. Courtney Rooney, MCC, 16.6; 4. Jade Gorrell, UMW, 17.8.

Barrel Racing – 1. Jamie Riley, MCC, 25.74; 2. Kaela Murphy, MSU, 25.89; 3. Lauren Reiser, MSU, 25.93; 4. Nikki Barta, UGF, 26.08.

Team Roping – 1. Shawn Bird/Zach Schweigert, NWC, 10.9; 2. Austin Barstow,/Kaleb Tredway, MSU, 11.7; 3. Kelsie McInerney/Newt Novich, UMW, 15.8; 4. Cody Sheridan/Dylan Clark, NWC, 17.9.