Junior Bulldog Club members will receive one all sports pass, a Junior Bulldog Club t-shirt, and will get to participate in various activities with the Bulldog athletes. Ages 5-12.

Contact Megan Woolley at the UMW Athletic Department at 406-683-7220 or via email at megan.woolley@umwestern.edu.


Western Bulldogs, Western Bulldogs
On to victory!
Conquer each and every foe,
Forge on for unity!
Western Bulldogs, Western Bulldogs
Might red and white!
Show your strength and spirit now
With Bulldog fight!

As an integral valued component of the Montana Western experience,
the Bulldog Athletic Department is committed to providing opportunities
for student success in academics and athletics while emphasizing excellence in participation,
scholarship and character. The University supports highly competitive teams
and provides nurturing opportunities for student athletes to develop leadership skills,
professional integrity and personal growth.


Sport Camp/Tournament Date/Time Watch/Listen
Administrative Staff
Name and TitleDepartmentContact
Richardson, Russ
Athletic Director
Athletics Phone: (406) 683-7391 
E-mail: russ.richardson@umwestern.edu
Office: BARC 151
Woolley, Megan 
Administrative Assistant
Athletics Phone: (406) 683-7220
E-mail: megan.woolley@umwestern.edu
Office: BARC 150
Parrott, Casey
Sports Information/athletics facility manager
Athletics Phone: (406) 683-7419
Office: BARC 213
Athletic Training Staff
Name and TitleDepartmentContact
Birney, Kaleb
Head Athletic Trainer
Health and Human Performance
Phone: (406) 683-7390
Fax: (406) 683-7367
E-mail: kaleb.birney@umwestern.edu
Office: BARC 221
McDonagh, Mary
Athletic Trainer
Athletics Phone: (406) 683-7318
Fax: (406) 683-7367 
E-mail: mary.mcdonagh@umwestern.edu
Office: BARC 221
Davis, Elizabeth
Athletic Trainer
Athletics Phone: (406) 683-7318
Fax: (406) 683-7367 
Office: BARC 221
Name and TitleDepartmentContact
Nourse, Ryan 
Head Coach
Athletics Phone: (406) 683-7421
E-mail: ryan.nourse@umwestern.edu
Office: BARC 210
Brown, Nick
Offensive Assistant

Phone: (406) 683-7346

Office: BARC 212

Goode, Rob
Defensive Coordinator
Athletics Phone: (406) 683-7345
E-mail: rob.goode@umwestern.edu
Office: BARC 211
Colvin, Chase
Assistant Coach
 Athletics  E-mail: chase.colvin@umwestern.edu
Vanderpan, Dane
Assistant Coach

 E-mail: dane.vanderpan@umwestern.edu

Wilson, A.J.
Assistant Coach

Name and TitleDepartmentContact
Brent Lewis
Head Coach
Health and Human Performance
Phone: (406) 683-7444
E-mail: brent.lewis@umwestern.edu
Office: BARC 215
Bray, Kaprice
Assistant Coach

Phone: (541) 760-7856
Email: kapricebray@aol.com

Men's Basketball
Name and TitleDepartmentContact
Keller, Steve
Head Coach
Athletics Phone: (406) 683-7341
E-mail: steve.keller@umwestern.edu
Office: BARC 216
Matt Strickland
Associate Head Coach

Phone: (406) 683-7300
E-mail: matthew.strickland@umwestern.edu

Office: BARC 218

Women's Basketball
Name and TitleDepartmentContact
Woolley, Lindsay
Head Coach
Health and Human Performance
Phone: (406) 683-7317
E-mail: lindsay.woolley@umwestern.edu
Office: BARC 217 
Tony Nakashima
Assistant Coach
Athletics Phone: (406) 683-7300
E-mail: tony.nakashima@umwestern.edu
Office: BARC 218
Cross Country
Name and TitleDepartmentContact
Zitzer, Dylan
Head Coach
Athletics Phone: (406) 683-7418
E-mail: dylan.zitzer@umwestern.edu
Office: BARC 214
Name and TitleDepartmentContact
Else, Iola (Olie)
Head Coach
Business Instructor
Business & Technology
Phone: (406) 683-7539
E-mail: iola.else@umwestern.edu
Office: Business & Tech Building 218

Athletics E-mail:

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NAIA Resources

Champions of Character

NAIA Eligibility


The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics' Champions of Character provides training to ensure student-athletes know, do and value the right things in all areas of life. The five core values: integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship and servant leadership are put into play, accounted for and tracked at all NAIA schools. As an NAIA institution, the University of Montana Western has developed a Champions of Character campus program that includes:

  • Ongoing character education for all student-athletes using the Champions of Character Live 5 orientation program.
  • Professional development for coaches, athletics administrative staff including completion of the Character-Driven Coaching course.
  • Emphasis on hospitality and game management of athletics events and conduct in competition.
  • Servant leadership activities that promote student leadership and athletic community engagement.
  • Ongoing oversight and assessment of progress in the program's implementation by both Montana Western and the NAIA.
naia live 5