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Chancellor Richard Storey

A Personal Message from Chancellor Storey

Greetings from the campus of the University of Montana Western.

Montana Western is Montana’s educational gem. Please allow me to explain.

A class of its own

This is an exceptional place to live, learn and earn a degree. Our faculty and staff are truly dedicated to students and the institutional mission of experiential learning as practiced through Experience One (X1), our innovative model of delivering classes one at a time. 

In 2005, Montana Western became the first American public university to fully implement a block scheduling program. Under this system students take, and faculty teach, one course during a block lasting three and a half weeks followed by a four-day break between blocks.

Our challenging and engaging courses become small, focused learning communities where students get to know each other, their professors and the subject. Experience One also facilitates greater opportunities for in-depth research and portfolio development.

Montana Western is getting national recognition for our efforts: we count three Carnegie Foundation Professors of the Year in our ranks; we were named the second best college in the country offering small classes on a budget by U.S. News & World Report; and we are consistently ranked among the best regional colleges in the West by U.S. News.

Experiential learning, or learning by doing, is uniquely supported by X1

Experience One encourages a serious commitment to learning while teaching organization, responsibility and productivity. This system provides focus and flexibility as it generates a rich array of educational opportunities including active, hands-on labs and field trips, off-campus programs, focused art projects, community-based learning, research opportunities and internships. Attendance increases, academic confidence and performance improve and more students graduate.

Montana Western transforms and inspires students

Our students become life-long enthusiasts for learning and continue to stay intellectually active as productive adults. We believe education is the best answer to most of the problems confronting our society today and we want all of our students to be part of the solution to these problems.

 Accordingly, earning a degree from Montana Western means far more than getting a good job (which you will) and hanging a diploma on your office wall. It carries a responsibility to be the kind of role model and leader who in fact does make a positive difference in society. We want our alumni to earn a good living but we also want them to volunteer and support worthy causes and organizations, to become involved in important political issues, environmental issues, social causes and humane endeavors.

Montana Western is the best value around.

Montana Western consistently offers our quality education at the lowest tuition rate of other public and private universities in the region.

 As the cost of higher education continues to increase, we maintain our absolute commitment to an affordable education while offering a wide array of quality degree programs in the arts and sciences, education, business, technology and equine studies.

The best of the West

Southwest Montana and the Dillon area offer beautiful, unspoiled country with an abundance of mountains, lakes, forest, valleys, rivers, fish and wildlife. Two of the country’s most magnificent national parks — Yellowstone and Glacier — are within hours of Dillon. Larger cites are also within easy driving distance.

Visitors from all around the country and world come to this area to experience what is still truly western. Natural amenities and small town charm helped earn Dillon a place in the September 2006 edition of National Geographic Adventure’s “31 great small towns.”

Apply today

For more information, please contact our admissions office toll-free at (877) 683-7331.

Finally, we hope to see you on campus as a student or visitor to experience Montana's educational gem for yourself.

Best wishes,

Richard Storey

We're all about your success.

16 to 1

Student/Professor Ratio

Your professors know
you and since they teach
only one class at a time,
you and your success
are their singular concern.


Completion Rate

First-time freshmen
at Montana Western
complete an incredible
96 percent
of their courses.


Grad Increase

Montana Western has
increased the number
of students receiving
degrees by 80 percent
in the last 10 years.


Grad Placement

Nearly 80 percent
of Montana Western
graduates find employment
in Montana within one year
of graduation.