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English major Kaitlin Ens spent much of her youth in the Frank Church Wilderness area where she was isolated from the conveniences of modern society. To stay entertained, she read, she drew and she wrote.

"My parents made sure my brother and I always had books to read, notepads for either drawing or writing," says Ens. "They knew how important it was for us to explore the world of words."

Initially, her major at Montana Western was natural horsemanship with a minor in English. The move to writing as a major and a career was a gradual one. She can't remember exactly when, but there came a time when she knew writing was her passion and her future. Now, she can't think of anything else she wants to do.

"I have always liked to write," Ens said. "But, I knew when I missed writing, when I wasn't writing, that it was something bigger in me than I could ever imagine. Now, I can't imagine myself not writing."

Ens also recognizes the fact that Experience One, Montana Western's innovative class delivery system, played a very important role in her development as a writer.

"The block enables me to focus on one subject at a time," says Ens. "It let's me dig into the creative veins of writing without the distraction of other classes."

Ens counts five published articles to her name over the past year. She is also currently working on a novel.