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Bulldogs begin spring training

UMW News Bureau

Head football coach Rich Ferris is getting his Bulldogs in shape for next season. April 25 is the Alumni football game. One week of mild spring weather followed by a week of subzero, snowy weather made the first two weeks of spring football at the University of Montana Western, a very interesting experience for the Bulldogs. Head Coach Rich Ferris and staff have three goals entering the spring season. First, to increase team confidence. Second to make a fair evaluation of players we didn’t get to see during the fall. And finally, to get better at football, improving knowledge of the game and fine-tune all the little things and put a emphasis on special teams. “I am very pleased about where we are,” Ferris said. “Last year with new coordinators, everyone on both sides of the ball was learning a new system. This year, the coordinators and returning players are comfortable with the system. The older players have done a great job in helping the younger players learn and understand the system. This is giving us more depth with understanding of our system.” The Bulldogs are practicing on Tuesdays and Thursdays and scrimmaging on Saturdays. Spring ball will end with the Alumni Football game on Saturday, April 25.