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Birch Creek Center Assistant Head Cook

Department: Residence Life Office
Position: Seasonal
Wage: $10-12 per hour
Posting Date: February 19, 2014


The Birch Creek Center (BCC) Assistant Head Cook is responsible for all or a part of food ordering, preparation, service, and kitchen area cleanup.  Other duties include the preparation of a variety of food items, ranging from stand, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals and assists guests as needed.

This position will be supervised by the BCC Head Cook and supervises other positions, including other kitchen workers on their shift by demonstrating proper cooking, serving and sanitation techniques as well as the proper use of related equipment.

The position performs multi-step tasks related to food preparation such as boiling, baking and steaming. The head cook must follow specific procedures such as recipes and menu plans. The BCC Head Cook must also have the knowledge of food preparation and sanitation procedures and be skilled in the following cooking instructions and procedures: knowledge of and the ability to use a variety of equipment such as commercial ovens, grills, slicers and fountain drink; maintaining accurate levels of food for inventory purposes and adhering to the food budget; performing procedures of food storage and sanitation to ensure the quality of the food is acceptable; cleaning and sanitizing equipment, kitchen utensils, walk-in refrigerators and freezers in accordance with departmental and state health codes.


The successful candidate must be able to perform moderate walking and stair climbing at 6,200 feet of elevation as well as standing for long periods of time. Use of kitchen equipment involves some risks of cuts and burns. The work may involve hot temperatures and high steam levels in the kitchen area. Hours include late nights, early mornings, and weekends. Relatively heavy lifting and hauling of food orders from campus is required, though other workers are often available to assist.


To apply, please complete a State of Montana Job Application (available at http://wsd.dli.mt.gov/service/app.asp) to:
The UMW Birch Creek Center

The University of Montana Western
710 South Atlantic St. Box 100
Dillon, Mont. 59725-3598

The position starting date will be April 29, 2014 and will end on Oct. 12, 2014. For more information, call 406-683-7891 or e-mail .

The Birch Creek Center 

The Birch Creek Center is located 22 miles northwest of Dillon, Mont. in the picturesque setting of the East Pioneer Mountains. Originally constructed in 1935, the Center now provides lodging, classroom space and food service for up to 100 people. This unique field campus offers front-door access to the stunning alpine scenery of the East Pioneer Mountains.

The University and Dillon Area

The University of Montana Western, located in Dillon, Mont., is an innovative institution nestled in a scenic valley in the Rocky Mountains of southwestern Montana. The current campus student headcount is 1,447 and the Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) for student enrollment is approximately 1,392.

Montana Western has over 60 FTE faculty members, features small classes for all students and has been recognized for excellence by U.S. News and World Report. Montana Western’s small size and focus on education innovation have earned it the reputation of being a place where faculty and staff chose to collegially and creatively make a difference in the education of students. Montana Western is the first and only public four-year college in the nation to use block scheduling in which students take a single class at a time. This immersion-learning program facilitates increased opportunities for experiential types of learning.

The mission of the University of Montana Western is to provide innovative interdisciplinary education through experiential learning that combines theory and practice. Montana Western services citizens of all ages with its academic, community service, and lifelong-learning programs. As part of the global community, Montana Western encourages diversity, international awareness, environmental responsibility, and mastery of technology as a gateway to the world.

Dillon, a community of 5,000 people, is known for outstanding public schools, safe environments, recreational opportunities and an excellent quality of life.

The University of Montana Western is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and encourages applications from qualified women, minorities, veterans and people with disabilities. Qualified candidates may request veterans‚ or disabilities preference in accordance with state law. Reasonable accommodations are provided in the hiring process for persons with disabilities. Finalists for this position will be subject to a criminal background investigation.

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