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Staff Resources

UMW News Bureau

Montana Western's office of university relations offers a number of resources to assist faculty and staff in developing the most effective communication possible for programs and events. The following resources are designed to provide helpful information to assist in organizing and planning your publicity needs.

About Our Branding Strategy

Montana Western is an exceptional university that deserves an image or brand that clearly and concisely communicates the quality and uniqueness of our institution. In the spring of 2005 the university's branding stewardship group began work on defining the essence of the University of Montana Western. The end product of their efforts is the university's creative brief which became the foundation for the Montana Western brand.

Graphic Standards and Editorial Styleguide

University relations along with the branding stewardship group is responsible for communicating the university's image in an accurate and consistent manner.

Requesting Document Templates

University of Montana Western document templates can be used to design and upload your program/department's web page and information.

Requesting Marketing Services
Submit a request to the Marketing Department for a campus projects.

University of Montana Western marketing services are offered to all university-affiliated projects. Click the link above to request flyers, posters, brochures, web-sites, communication strategy planning, etc.

Requesting UMW Graphics

University of Montana Western graphics for flyers, brochures or informational materials may only be used when approved by the Director of Marketing. Click the link above, fill out the request form, await approval and you will receive the graphic.