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why i love UMW

UMW News Bureau

For my first blog on this new site (which is, let's face it, a long time coming), I thought I'd share some reasons why i love Montana Western. I've been here, at good old UMW, for five years now. That's right, I said FIVE years. It's so great here, I can't make myself leave. :) No really. I love Montana Western. I can't imagine myself at any other university. AND, here are some reasons why. 1. Number one HAS to be, BLOCK SCHEDULING! Experience One is a wonderful program and the absolute best way to learn. It is great to have one class at a time. I loved being able to fully concentrate on what I studied without having to worry about another subject the same day. My favorite classes were upper level English block classes in which I was able to fully immerse in the literature I was studying. Rather than simply reading the literature and writing about it, I was able to read, digest, discuss, debate, compare, critically think about and creatively respond to it. 2. ASUMW and Student Activities. There is always something happening at Montana Western. Literally almost every night there is something going on on-campus. Every Monday, ASUMW sponsors a movie that isn't out on video yet. During holidays, there are card making activities. At the end of each semester ASUMW brings MASSAGE THERAPISTS to campus to give FREE massages to students (HELLO! amazing). There is no shortage of things to do at Montana Western. 3. Faculty. Montana Western's faculty is truly top-notch. I had the opportunity to learn from experts in the field of literature. Dr. Bethany Blankenship is a Shakespearean and Marlovian scholar. Dr. O. Alan Weltzien is a celebrated and published non-fiction writer. Dr. Gary Lundy is published poet and there are many others (yes, even outside the English department). 4. Dillon, MT 59725. The Dillon community is a great place to learn and grow. Not too big, not too small. Everything you NEED is right here in town. Everything you WANT is just a short drive away. I love Dillon's little shops (The Gallery, The Bookstore, Sweetwater Coffee, etc.). There is something for everyone in Dillon too. We have a movie theatre, bowling alley, hot springs, library, stores, coffee shops, video rentals, and much more. 5. FRIENDS! I have made the BEST friends here at UMW. Friends that I will keep close to my heart FOREVER. There is a great variety of people here in Dillon and I have met and made the greatest friends of my life here. EVEN (and this IS the highlight) my husband-to-be! :) yay! 6. Opportunities. I have had so many opportunities here at Montana Western that I know I would not have had at a larger university. UMW's small, close-knit and connected campus provides opportunities for students to be actively involved in every aspect of the university. So, those are my top 6 picks. Stay tuned for more blog-idge (that's an original term, in case you wondered) from me, and feel free to comment or ask questions!!! :) GO BULLDOGS!!!