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Amnesty International: protecting human rights at UMW

UMW News Bureau

Local chapter of Amnesty International campaigns for human rights on UMW's campus.
[caption id="attachment_405" align="alignleft" width="221" caption="Photo by Simon Freeman."]Amnesty International members in Sydney Australia rally to close Guantanamo last January. Photo by Simon Freeman.             [/caption]    Amnesty International is a worldwide organization made up of individuals who protect and stand-up for human rights. A local chapter of Amnesty International is working to protect human rights on the Montana Western campus.
The Montana Western Amnesty Club was founded by Eve Malo, Ph.D., who is also the state coordinator for Amnesty International. Malo was a recipient of the Montana Governor's Humanities Award last year for her work with Amnesty International.
This club meets regularly to discuss such issues as violence, poverty, the death penalty, immigrants, refugees and global arms trade. Any student concerned about human rights should consider joining the Montana Western Amnesty club. Meetings are held once a month. Please contact Eric Wright at for more information. To learn more about Amnesty International, please visit   (story researched by Nicole Fugere)