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Montana Western faculty volunteer at Beaverhead County High

UMW News Bureau

Montana Western biology professors contribute time and expertise to assist BCHS students with research projects this school year. University of Montana Western professor Mike Morrow (left) assists BCHS students Carly King and Tenae Lochridge as part of the national Destination Imagination program. Beaverhead County High School (BCHS) honors science students are making big impressions on college faculty with their knowledge and dedication. University of Montana Western biology professor Michael Morrow and several other   science faculty members are contributing their time and expertise to assist BCHS students in completing research projects during the 2008-2009 school year. “It’s exciting to be assisting with a hands-on learning projects that will teach area high school students in real-world research projects,” Morrow said. Morrow has been assisting BCHS freshmen Carly King and Tenae Lochridge since the beginning of the semester through the Destination Imagination (DI) project. These students researching cellula-functions in bacterial yeast pathogens. Destination Imagination is an educational organization designed to complement traditional education. Mike Telling, BCHS science teacher, and his team of students will be participating in di!erent DI competitions throughout the year. “This is our first year competing in DI and it’s a work in progress for us, we are figuring things out as we go along. I really just want to emphasize the academic aspect of this competition,” Telling said. In addition to Morrow, Montana Western professors Rob Thomas and Mike Gilbert will be working with BCHS students on DI projects. Thomas, a geology professor at UMW, will be assisting students in taking a closer look at the geographic history of Montana between the Precambrian and the Cambrian eras. Thomas said his students will be collecting fossils from the Argenta, Mont. area and analyzing the sediment to determine if the transition time between eras is recorded in southwest Montana. They will also be looking at the paleogeography of the area to determine the distribution of oceanic environments and sources of land-derived sediment during early Cambrian time." Gilbert and BCHS students will be working on molecular cloning as part of a larger project to artificially control gene expression in Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease in artificially infected mice." “I think it's a great idea to get local high school students involved in scientific research,” Gilbert said. “I want high school students in Dillon to realize that they can pursue a degree and careers in biomedical research right here at Montana Western.”"
(By Berett Rosenkrance)