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UMW learning center and career services manager named

UMW News Bureau

UMW's Learning Center and Career Services look forward to new leadership in Sarah Juran. The University of Montana Western has named Sarah Juran to direct the university’s Learning Center and Career Services office. Juran is a graduate of Montana State University with degrees in English and secondary education. Juran has also worked in the Solomon Islands as a Peace Corps volunteer. “[UMW] has made substantial progress over the past few years in increasing retention and graduation rates and I think the center has played a huge role in the improvement,” Juran said. “I look forward to the opportunity to help students succeed first in their education and then in establishing their futures.” Juran said she will be assisting with student placement as well as surveying current graduates in her new position. In addition, she will help students acquire job interviewing expertise, resume and application skills. Juran will also oversee the student tutoring center which is located under the Lucy Carson Library. “One of my big goals is to try to blend the idea of one central location where students can access all of these services,” she said. Juran’s experience will help her in being beneficial to Montana Western students because she has been exposed to a wide variety of people and has worked with a large demographic of students. She says that her involvement with diversity has given her the ability to assist a variety of students with a variety of learning styles. “I’m open to different students and different ideas. I’m not someone who is going to think that there is one way that someone should be going about finding a job or learning a subject matter,” she said. “Any time you can work directly with students to help them either discover what their learning style is or discover their strengths and interests, that in turn helps that student focus a little more clearly on their personal and professional goals, and helps give them a little more direction,” Juran said. Montana Western’s Learning Center is open and available to all students and offers assistance with every subject area.