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Recently and well published UMW professor embarks on book tour

UMW News Bureau

O. Alan Weltzien is taking his recently published work on the road. WeltzienMontana Western's English professor O. Alan Weltzien, Ph.D. will be touring both Montana and Washington while giving readings and signing his two new books. Weltzien recently published "The Norman Maclean Reader," a collection of writing from the famous Montana author; and "A Father And An Island," Weltzien's memoir about growing up on an island in Puget Sound.  Starting in the beginning of March, Weltzien will begin the book tour in Hamilton and Kalispell, Mont. On April 1, he will embark on a reading tour through Washington state from Spokane to Bellingham. At the end of this tour, Weltzien will find himself in the area where "A Father And An Island" is set.  After the book tour, Weltzien will return to teach literature at Montana Western.