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ASUMW Senate elections Monday

UMW News Bureau

ASUMW Student Senate election results are in. Student Senate election results are in. Here are the four new ASUMW Student Senators: Ben_DavisBeth Davis Freshman, psychology Involvement: Chi Alpha; STAND “After reading the requirements for the student senate application personal statement, I asked UMW students what their greatest concerns were. Many of them mentioned that the showers in Matthews Hall need to be updated. Other students told me of the lack of bike racks on campus and how congested they are at peak hours. Also, students mentioned how beneficial it would be to have teacher reviews made by other students and posted online. “As a UMW senator I would raise awareness on recycling as well as other world issues and help brainstorm innovative ideas to benefit the University of Montana Western.” brian_jacobsonBrian Jacobson Freshman; elementary education Involvement: Ambassadors Club; STAND “I feel the greatest concern for UMW students is not having wireless internet in the dorm rooms and all across campus. I have heard many complaints about this from some of the students and it seems to me to be a pressing issue. “I decided to run for student senate because I want to accomplish something during my freshman year, I want to meet more people on campus and I want to feel like I am part of something bigger.”
Ashley_JammaronAshley Jammaron Senior, business administration Involvement: President Business Club; Ambassadors Club; golf “I think that student input in an organization that revolves around students is vital. Teachers know what works best for them, and the same rule of thumb goes for the student body. When the decisions are made by your peers, you respect the decision because you know that they have the same needs as yourself. It’s a great opportunity and it also serves as a buffer into the ‘real world’ being in a position where decisions are made, but still under the guidance of someone is an excellent opportunity.”
Heather_RubeyHeather Rubey Senior, sociology/psychology Involvement: Ambassadors Club; Honors Club; Student International Club; Americorps; campus mentor with TRIO; Learning Center office coordinator “Serving as a Montana Western senator would give me an opportunity to be helpful by bringing the students’ ideas to the Senate. “It is important for Montana Western students to have an open environment with friendly people on campus so they feel accepted and at home. We currently have a freshman orientation, yet an outreach program designed specifically for students that come from out of state would be a good addition. “I would also like to start a student questionnaire that would be a way for students to express what diverse extracurricular plans they would like to see on campus that would draw the students in and keep them more focused.”