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500 - Information Technology

Computer Lab Management Guidelines per the Computer Lab Policy 500.4

  1. Computer access will be limited to the UMW or Guest account privileges assigned by ITS.
  2. The STC Computer Systems Technician must be notified of all scheduled lab use (7164).
  3. Scheduling a Computer Lab for classes or events:
    1. Regular block and stringer classes are scheduled through the Registrar’s Office (7371).
    2. For short term events, use the Outlook Calendar event/meeting scheduler, or call 7777 or 7164.
    3. If the event is not a scheduled class through the Registrar’s Office, then the lab must be utilized at all scheduled times.  If not, it will be subject to cancellation for the duration of the scheduling.
    4. For non-scheduled use of classrooms, ITS must be contacted before entering the lab.
    5. In case of scheduling conflicts, block and stringer classes have priority.
  4. Software Requirements Beyond Network Configuration:
    1. Installation of needed software must be requested a minimum of one week prior to use.
    2. Software must be fully licensed and pre-approved by ITS (no trial versions for classes).  Freeware subject to operational verification by ITS.