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Rebecca Petersen is a living testament to the proud tradition of teaching educators at Montana Western; both her grandparents graduated with education degrees from this institution. Today, Rebecca is in pursuit of an education degree of her own.

Petersen is a native of Alberton, Mont. She came to Montana Western in 2008 and is now a sophomore in elementary education. She plans to teach kindergarten through third grades.

When asked about her own education, Petersen says the transition from high school to Montana Western has been a smooth one.

"The admissions process was really easy," she explains. "They were helpful whenever I had questions and they always called me and assisted me when I didn't have something done."

Petersen says the same about her experience in class.

"I like the smaller classes," she says. "I can always talk to my professors and there's always tutoring so I can get help whenever I need it."

Petersen was a teacher's assistant in high school and has always had an admiration of children. Now she is learning how to turn her passion into a fulfilling and successful career as an educator.

Her grandma, Betty-Ann, is particularly pleased.

"She's really excited that I switched over to education," Petersen says with a smile.

We're all about your success.

16 to 1

Student/Professor Ratio

Your professors know
you and since they teach
only one class at a time,
you and your success
are their singular concern.


Completion Rate

First-time freshmen
at Montana Western
complete an incredible
96 percent
of their courses.


Grad Increase

Montana Western has
increased the number
of students receiving
degrees by 80 percent
in the last 10 years.


Grad Placement

Nearly 80 percent
of Montana Western
graduates find employment
in Montana within one year
of graduation.