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Student Code of Conduct

Off Campus Offenses

In exceptional circumstances, Student Conduct Code charges may be initiated against a student who engages in conduct off-campus that allegedly constitutes a criminal offense under Montana or Federal criminal law and directly and seriously threatens the health and safety of members of the campus community. A student or Montana Western employee having knowledge of the off-campus offense may file a complaint with the Dean of Students office. The Dean of Students office, with the advice and counsel of appropriate professional staff to determine whether requirements for off-campus application of Student Conduct Code charges are met, recommends to the Chancellor whether such charges should be made. In reaching a decision, the Chancellor considers whether criminal charges have been or will be filed and whether the alleged offender is in the custody of criminal justice authorities. Disciplinary procedures for General Misconduct apply to charges initiated under this section. Application of this code to off-campus offenses is subject to procedures in Student Code of Conduct Section IV.C.1 (General Behavior Discipline Procedures) of this Handbook.