Coming to Montana Western was part of fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming a doctor for Lindsey Densmore.

Coming to Montana Western was part of fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming a doctor for Lindsey Densmore.

First attracted by UMW’s excellent biology program, Densmore was also drawn by the sense of community and to take part in UMW’s unique, hands-on approach to learning. 

“While growing up my mother would tell my sisters and I stories from her nursing job at the hospital. My sisters were grossed out by her stories, but I was fascinated by them. That’s how I knew I wanted to pursue a career in medicine,” said Densmore.

Born and raised in Ohio, she always wanted to attend college in the west and experience the beauty and recreational opportunities afforded here. 

“When I visited Montana Western I was impressed with how helpful and open the teachers were,” Densmore said. “I knew immediately that if I came to this university I would have a solid support system. Montana Western was the only school I applied to because it’s the only place I wanted to get my undergraduate degree.”

Since attending Montana Western Densmore has become an residents assistant (RA), the head tutor in the learning center and is the biology club president. 

“Montana Western has presented me with ample opportunities to develop as a leader which will help me in the future when I direct a medical team,” Densmore said,

Sadly, in 2013, Densmore’s father passed away and she left Dillon to move back to Ohio to be close to her family. After her year away she came back to finish her undergraduate at Montana Western.

“Montana Western is so exceptional and unique that I came back after attending a traditional college,” Densmore said. “This university goes above and beyond with a compassionate and supportive faculty who care about my education beyond the class room setting. I’ve been encouraged to follow my dream of becoming a doctor from day one at this school and have had the guidance and experience needed to make it.”

Densmore feels better prepared for the next level due to her experience at Montana Western.

“I am ready for the rigorous workload of medical school, because of Montana Western’s Experience One,” Densmore said. The one class at a time approach has given me a deeper understanding of my subjects which I know will give me a leg up in medical school.” 

Densmore plans to become a doctor in osteopathic medicine and ultimately be an emergency department physician. 

After becoming a doctor, Densmore hopes to practice in an underserved area where her expertise will be needed most. 

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