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BIOE 375: General Genetics

dna double helixThis course focuses on all major aspects of genetics from classical Mendelian inheritance to molecular genetics. Students will become familiar with mechanisms of inheritance and explore how inheritance of genes influences all aspects of life. A portion of the course will focus on human genetics and the influences of genetics on human traits. The laboratory portion of the course will explore genetic principles using yeast, bacteria, and multicellular organisms as well as mutant screens, molecular genetic tools, computer databases, and genomic tools.

BIOB 170: Principles of Biological Diversity

butterflyThis course is intended for science majors. It is designed to help students understand and apply major concepts in organismal biology including the diversity, evolution, and ecology of organisms. The origin of life and the evolution of cells, classification and evolution of organisms, major Domains and Kingdoms of life, natural selection and evolution, species diversity, ecosystem organization and energy flow, community interactions, population ecology, and behavioral ecology will be discussed.