Rebekah Levine, Ph.D.

Associate Professor



Block Hall 125



[email protected]

Dr. Rebekah Levine is a geomorphologist and an associate professor in the Environmental Sciences Department at the University of Montana Western (UMW) where students in her classes are involved in field based projects that focus on the role that water plays in shaping landscapes and ecosystems. Growing up along the forested, rocky shores of Maine and flying down snow-covered mountains in winter fueled her interest in the natural world and how humans interact with it.

Rebekah received an undergraduate degree in Geosciences and American Studies at Williams College and then an M.S. in Science Education at Montana State University. She honed her teaching skills at Burke Mountain Academy in Vermont where she spent four years teaching and coaching young alpine ski racers toward their Olympic and collegiate ski racing dreams. To chase her own dreams, she pursued her PhD at the University of New Mexico in Earth and Planetary Sciences, studying the interactions between beavers and streams in southwest Montana from the mid-Holocene to the present.

Rebekah continues to focus on water and geomorphology in the spectacular geography surrounding UMW through funded research in partnership with local, state and federal agencies. Together with her students, she provides water data and land assessments to serve local communities in planning and management. Rebekah, her wildlife-biologist husband, twin son and daughter, and yellow lab make their home in the headwaters of the Upper Missouri River and are explorers of the surrounding wild landscapes.