Embracing Global Diversity Seminar cohosted by UMW and Victoria University

“Embracing Global Diversity workshop/seminar” co-hosted by Victoria University in Australia and the University of Montana Western on Zoom next week September 9, 2021, at 4 PM. We plan to open the seminar with information regarding the two universities and our unique diversity and then use the below questions to help frame our discussion in break-out groups. Plan for this workshop to last an hour.
(These questions may change a bit as this is still a work in progress to date).

Key Questions to Engage You in our ​Workshop​
What knowledge, experience, and interests do you have related to diversity and inclusion?​

What would you like to know more about regarding what is happening overseas in relation to diversity and inclusion?​

How do you see the importance of understanding diversity and inclusion in supporting you in the future?
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