Hannah O'Hare Bennett

2/15-3/19: Multimedia artist Hannah O’Hare Bennett will present new work that explores the material possibilities of handmade paper in Torn. The works in the show emerged from a meditative, labor-intensive process during the long, anxious days of the pandemic and political upheaval in the United States.

“Before I dared to call myself an artist, I worked as an organic farmer. That previous work informs almost every aspect of my current studio practice. Then, I dealt with the materiality if soil and water and plants. Now, I apply my relentless work ethic to unearthing the possibilities of other materials, especially paper pulp, threads, fabric and found objects. I tend to my installations and sculptural objects like a garden, shifting things, removing things, adding or subtracting colors and shapes in pursuit of a completed piece. The concept of my work, supported by rigorous study and research, almost always involve human relationship to the landscape and nature, which is what agriculture is. I have also explored ideas about deep time, using fossils as a motif.” – Hannah O’Hare Bennett