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UMW Healthy Plan

This document contains campus-specific guidance for the University of Montana Western Healthy plan. The information is organized under the 11 planning areas included in the Montana University System’s “MUS Healthy Fall 2020: Planning Guidelines for Campuses” released on June 1, 2020 and updated in January 2021. UMW work-groups and area leads continue to address further considerations and the information in this document will be expanded and updated online.


Each planning area was addressed by a team of university employees with specific knowledge and expertise pertaining to the planning area in collaboration with Beaverhead County Public Health. We would also like to thank the University of Montana and Montana State University for allowing us to use applicable sections of their fall plans in our campus plan. Please find below the UMW planning areas and the campus lead contacts for each:


Deliver Quality Instruction (Dr. Ashley Carlson, Nicole Hazelbaker)

Conduct Research and Creative Scholarship (Dr. Anneliese Ripley)

Provide Student Housing (Mike Piazzola)

Provide Food Services (Cheri McCarthy)

Events and Welcoming Students/Visitors to Campus (Matt Allen, Mike Piazzola, Roxanne Engellant)

Athletics (Bill Wilson)

Provide Student Support Services (Nicole Hazelbaker)

Staff Campus Operations (Mike Reid)

Maintain Buildings and Facilities (Cole Cottom)

Provide Campus Transportation (Nicole Hazelbaker and Cole Cottom)

Campus Safety and Security (Nicole Hazelbaker)


The latest version of this plan will be updated on this website.