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UMW Healthy Plan / Campus Safety and Security

Campus Safety and Security


In accordance with CDC considerations for universities, UMW will replace in-person meetings with video- or tele-conference calls whenever possible. We will remain compliant with Clery and Title IX protocols.

All required records and conversations will be kept confidential by continuing to follow established guidelines of FERPA and HIPAA. Only those needed in an online meeting will be invited and the host will make sure, only those who can be involved are present. Those attending the online meeting will agree to be in a private area where no one else can listen in or they will use headphones so sound is not audible for others to hear.

UMW has the following procedures in place in order to continue operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. These procedures enable timely and effective responses to protect personnel and the public when an incident is reported.


Report of an Incident

UMW has an online report available on our website. This report assists the public in notifying the appropriate personnel about incidents that are not in progress, allowing the reporting party to not have physical interaction.

Reporting parties may also contact the City of Dillon Dispatch at 406-683-3700 or 911 to make a report of an in progress or not in progress incident.


Response to an Incident

UMW personnel have been instructed to handle reported incidents or crimes the following ways to reduce the exposure risk to themselves and the public.

Incidents that are not in progress and do not have a preferred in-person response will be followed up via telephone or Zoom contact or email.

Reported incidents that do require an officer response will be accomplished following the City of Dillon Police Departments Standard Operating Procedure “Call for Service Procedure for COVID-19 Incident”.

Safety Personnel will make any necessary referrals for resources or notifications after investigating the incident. The incident reporting form or Maxient reporting form are online.


Ongoing and Continued Operations

Currently, due to summer break, UMW’s Student Escort Service is not operational. Upon the start of fall semester, service will resume. Procedures will be put in place to protect the Student Escort Service’s employees and the students they serve.

UMW BIT members tasked with participation on the Behavior Intervention Team, Title IX Case Review and Clery Core Team continue their activities via Zoom conferences and continual phone interactions. The Behavioral Intervention Team meets on a weekly basis.

UMW has and will continue to develop and update an effective communications program in regards to COVID-19 policy. All policies and procedure changes will be listed on the UMW COVID-19 website.

Please refer to the yellow banner at the top of our website,, for the most current information.