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UMW Healthy Plan / Events and Welcoming Students and Visitors to Campus

Events and Welcoming Students and Visitors to Campus


As we look toward an atypical academic year, careful decision-making will be necessary when deciding to plan or host an event on campus. Decisions must be driven by a realistic assessment of how venues can resume operations safely and how event organizers can help mitigate risk for their event, the employees and attendees. While there is no guarantee of an illness-free event, planning, training and implementing health and safety measures can help protect both employees and attendees.

Following all state and local health guidelines, each UMW event venue manager will develop and have available occupancy limits and seating charts designed to help mitigate the risk of spread of COVID-19 for events that allow for social distancing.

UMW venue managers are responsible for providing clients the occupancy limits and seating charts.


Seated Venues

Seating shall be designated to ensure 6-foot physical distancing. Alterations to floor plans and seating charts by clients and event organizers will not be allowed.


General Admission Venues

Events with 50-person groups should maintain 6 feet from one another, and event organizers should do what they can to facilitate that physical distancing. This recommendation does not apply to household members or to people who have arrived at the event together. Fifty-percent occupancy will be allowed in theaters and lecture halls for events.


Outdoor Activities

Encourage alternative outdoor venues when feasible. Social distancing and Beaverhead County Public Health event guidelines will apply outdoors.


Decision Criteria for Hosting or not Hosting

  • UMW will establish decision criteria for hosting (or not hosting) non-university events.
  • Fulfilling academic needs will be a priority; as such auxiliary spaces may be allocated for temporary use as classrooms. Priority will be given to accommodate University related business and functions. Once these priorities are met, non-college/university events may be scheduled.


Campus Events

  • An event request form will be required to be completed prior to approval and submitted to Kathy Simkins, Director of Conference and Events.
  • Kathy Simkins will coordinate the approval process and work with the appropriate building personnel to accommodate the request. This will create one channel for campus event requests.
  • All events that are approved will follow Beaverhead County Public Health and CDC Guidelines.


Campus Visits & Tours

  • Only one family will be allowed to tour campus at a time unless the families arrange the visit together.
  • Social distancing guidelines will be used during the campus tour to make sure there is six feet between the tour guide and the family. Additionally tour guides will keep social distancing guidelines in mind when touring families around campus to make sure they stay six feet away from faculty and staff when on the tour.
  • Admissions presentations will be delivered in rooms that allow for social distancing. Information about campus tours and the location of these rooms will be communicated with Facilities Services to ensure they are disinfected on days with visitors on campus.

Conference & Events


Group Use in Dorms and Food Service

Conference Services will follow the same basic protocol that Dining Services and Residence Life have scripted for group use. Kathy Simkins, Director of Conference and Events, will coordinate the information and make sure all groups staying in the dorms and utilizing food service are aware of the protocol before they arrive on campus. Classrooms will be assigned according to size to meet social distancing criteria.


Other Meeting Rooms

Other meeting rooms (including the Lewis and Clark Room, Heritage Room and Swysgood Technology Center Great Room) will be assigned that meet the social distancing criteria depending on the Phase we are in for the State of Montana and tables and chairs arranged conforming to Beaverhead County Public Health and CDC guidelines.


Food Service

Food Service requests will be handled on a case by case basis. Kathy Simkins, Director of Conference and Events, will meet with the Director of Dining, Cheri McCarthy, on all requests before confirming to verify that the current requirements from Beaverhead County Public Health can be met. Currently, any food ordered outside of the dining hall will be limited to prewrapped food and bottled water, and cans of juice/soda only.

Alcohol Requests will follow the strict policies that have already been established for all state taverns. Events will comply with these policies.



Each room will be sanitized before and after each event. Kathy Simkins, Director of Conference and Events, will coordinate with Facilities Services for rooms located outside of Mathews Hall.


Health Monitoring

All event organizers and group leaders will be expected to monitor the health of each participant and are required to submit a list of participants to the Director of Conference and Events in the event that Beaverhead County Public Health would need to conduct contact tracing of individuals.