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UMW Healthy Plan / Provide Food Services

Provide Food Services

Employee Health Agreement

The Employee Health Agreement for COVID-19 form will be presented to all Dining Services employees by their direct supervisor. They will be required to sign the form and the supervisor will return the form to the Director of Dining, Cheri McCarthy, before an employee will be allowed to work.


Employee Symptom Check Log

The manager or lead worker on every shift will have a copy of the form and will perform the check with each employee that comes onto shift. A no-touch thermometer will be provided for the manager or lead worker. They will be required to administer a temperature check for each employee. Any employee with a fever and/or any other symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus, will not be allowed to work that day and will be required to leave Dining Services. They can return to work once they have been symptom free and/or has a normal temperature for more than 24 hours without the aid of medication. If the employee is still showing a fever of over 100 degrees, they will not be allowed to return to work until their physician has cleared them to return. A note or fax is required for the employees’ return work. A fax can be sent to 406-683-7354.


COVID-19 Staff Training

Each employee has been previously required to pass a Serve Safe Food Handler’s course. This course will be reissued to all Dining employees along with the Novel Coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting guidance for food service operations course from Ecolab that is specific to the cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting chemicals used in this facility. Before reopening, each employee will have individual instruction time with their direct supervisor which will include the proper way to put on and take off gloves and a face mask.


The COVID-19 Staff Training Log will be used to record information on each employees’ training.


Dining Options and Hours of Operation

To allow for less crowding, Dining Services will make changes in the following ways:

  • A plan for extended hours of operation will be implemented to allow for larger distribution of customers.
  • Staggered mealtimes will be considered if other actions aren’t sufficient to accomplish social distancing.
  • The Burger Bar will be reopened (served by dining employees) along with an express checker station to allow for students to enter more quickly through a second front lobby door.
  • Meals to go – eco friendly containers will be provided for customers to access all areas of Dining and take their food with them. This will eliminate overcrowding in the dining room.
  • We will establish an ordering program for the fall 2020 semester allowing customers to place an order for pick up and go.
  • Coordination of menu offerings will be made across the campus dining facilities to eliminate duplicated entrees and move customers towards disbursement in all areas.


Traffic Flow

The door exiting the cafeteria into the front lobby will be clearly marked with an “Emergency Exit ONLY” sign. Also, the staff working in the beverage area and on the serving line will not allow customers to exit back through the serving area. This will help assure a proper traffic flow to allow for social distancing.


Facility Plan for Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting

  • Cleaning – After each shift or at least 2 times per day, trash and boxes will be removed from the kitchen. At the end of the day, floors will be swept and mopped. Green designated buckets only and bleachable white cloth rags will be used.
  • Sanitizing – During each shift as utensils and food preparation areas are required to be sanitized, Ecolab Apex Quat Sanitizer will be used to sanitize food contact products and areas. An automatic dish washing machine is used for all washed items including pots and pans, plates, and silverware. This machine has a 180-degree F temperature wash and rinse cycle along with an Ecolab Apex chemical rinse agent to disinfect. Red designated buckets and white disposable rags only will be used.
  • Disinfecting Ecolab Peroxide Multi Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant EPA registration #1677-238 disinfectant will be used on all touch surfaces including, but not limited to tables, chairs, buttons on soda fountain machines, door knobs and exit crash bars. Tables and chairs will be disinfected after each customer leaves. Other areas will be disinfected at least every four hours or as needed. Blue buckets and labeled spray bottles only with disposable blue rags will be used.
  • Laundry – Laundering of all aprons, sanitizing and disinfecting rags will be done daily by a Dining employee. A drying temperature of 130 degrees F will be used to disinfect.


Facility Plan for Social Distancing and Table Items

  • Entrance and Lobby – Floor markers are placed in the lobby and into the hallway going to the dorm to help customers in staying six feet apart
  • Floor stand hand sanitizers are placed at the start of the food line. Use will be required and the employee at the check-in station will ask each customer to use them. Additional stations will be available to the customer at the beginning of the beverage line and before the salad pick-up area if the customer chooses to use them.
  • Tables and chairs have been placed with a maximum of 6 guests per table. Most tables seat 4 guests. Tables are then set with 6 foot spacing between tables.


Other Plans to Ensure Safety of Customers and Employees

  • The hot food line currently has a sneeze guard in place. Dining employees will be stationed behind the line at all times. Customers will tell our employees which foods they would like and our workers will plate-up the entrees and hand them to the customer.
  • PPE – all Dining employees will wear gloves, hair restraints and disposable masks when preparing or serving food. Only disposable masks will be approved for use to ensure that they are thrown away rather than taken home and possibly not being laundered and disinfected.
  • Non-disposable face shields are another option for Dining employees based on their preference.
  • Napkins and silverware will be wrapped and banded and given to customers along with their food.
  • Drink cups, lids and straws will be given to customers from behind the serving line. No refills will be allowed. An employee will be stationed at the beverage line to ensure that customers do not refill a drink without asking for a clean cup. No filling of Camelback bladders or Hydro flasks will be permitted. Bottled water will be available for customers to take with them.
  • Condiments will be available in individual serving sizes and placed in a container that can be sanitized.
  • Salads and fresh vegetables- we will discontinue any and all open items on the salad bar and sandwich bar. Premade, individually packaged salad, dressing, vegetables, etc. will be placed in the cold bar for customers to pick-up.
  • Sack lunches for UMW students will have a sign-up sheet for the type of sandwich or salad they would like. They will be placed in an individual bag. Customers will then be allowed to choose other grab-n-go items to go in their bag such as granola bars, chips, etc.


Catered Events

Catered events will be administered in accordance with the above directives and with the guidance of the Beaverhead County Public Health Department, the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services and with the approval of the Chancellor of the University of Montana Western.



If it is necessary for a resident student to be isolated or quarantined on campus, Residence Life will relocate the student and notify Dining Services. A 7-day quarantine food package will be delivered outside of their door. The student will be notified by phone that the delivery has been made. Further daily food deliveries will be made as each situation necessitates.