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All the coolness that is UMW academics.

archive articles that were imported from Wordpress. Could be organized to fit category scheme.

Providing you with modern productivity tools for email, online document storage and editing, contacts and calendaring.

The Registrar's Office at the University of Montana Western maintains the academic records of all past and present students of the University.   We provide services assisting students with registration; determining eligibility for the awarding of a degree; enrollment certification; transcript requests; transmittal requests; residency classification; organizes the commencement ceremony; academic grading; and certifying athletic eligbility. 

Call (406) 683-7371 or email for more information about any of these areas.



This contains a set of articles that explain the Joomla! CMS and UMW's specific framework.

Used to organize articles for system messages like 404 page not found or Emergency Alerts.

The files below are vector based in PDF form. They can be enlarged or reduced without losing their resolution. Call if you need a different file format (406-683-7298).
All templates were created in Microsoft Word except where noted.