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Cost Details

Miscellaneous Fees

Audit Tuition Fee

Students auditing courses are assessed the same fees as if courses were taken.


See the course catalog for specific course fee.

Bulldog ID Card Fee

To cover the cost of the official university ID.


$15 per Bulldog ID card or replacement.

Cooperative Student/Internship Fee

Applied to student registered in some cooperative education or internship courses. 


Varies, $10 maximum.

Course Fee

Varies by course.


See the course catalog for specific course fee.

Defered Payment Service Charge

Charge to set up a deferred student installment plan.


$30 per plan created.

Distance Learning Fee

Assists UMW in paying the cost of resources and administration of distance learing opportunities.


$15 per credit up to 12 credits.

Certification Fee

Fee associated to the admiinistrative processing of teachers certification. 



Distributed Online Learning Fee

Helps cover resources and administration of online courses.


$45 per credit up to 12 credits.

E-Commerce Fee

Per transaction fee charged to person making an online credit card payment to UMW.


$10 per transaction.

Key Replacement Fee

Replacement fee for lost dormitory room key.



Late Defered Payment Fee

Late charge for default or delinquency of deferred tudent installment plan.



Late Course Add/Drop Fee

Charge per course for approved add/drops of classes.


$10 per course.

Late Registration Fee

These fees will be charged if registration/payment has not occurred by the specific dates during a current semester. 


$40. This fee cannot be charged more then twice in a semester.

Graduation Fee

Fee to cover the processing of a degree and the graduation ceremony.


$25 per degree.

Graduation/Program Completion Audit Fee

Fee to cover the administrative process of apply for graduation.


$10 per degree audit.

Out-of-State Student Teaching Fee

Fee to cover the expenses for out-of-state student teaching.



Placement Charge

Charges associated to distributing an education students placement file records.


Varies according to the service requested. Covers things such as postage, copying, etc.

Returned Check Fee

Fee for checks returned for non-payment.


$15 per check.

Single Admissions File Fee

Administrative fee for transferring a students records to another Montana University System institution. Used in the request for transmittal of admission records process.


$8 per request.

Summer/Continuing Education Fee

Program and course fees associated to summer and continuing education opportunities.


$80 minimum per credit hour. See the current Outreach bulletin for specific costs per program or course.

Testing Fee

Covers the cost for proctoring test exams.


Varies by test.

Transcript Fee

Cost for an official transcript of a students academic history with UMW.


$3 per transcript. One official copy is offered at no charge.

Vehicle Decals

Students receive a vehicle decal at no charge when they register their vehicle at UMW's Business Services.


First decal is free, $7.50 for a replacement decal.