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600 - Campus Facilities

600.1 University Property Naming

Date Adopted: 02/11/2003
Date Revised: 11/29/2012
References: BOR 1004.1
Issuing Office: Administration and Finance
Approved By: Susan Briggs

  1. Policy

    In an effort to recognize the efforts and contributions of individuals, the University of Montana Western may propose the naming of campus buildings, portions of buildings, rooms, fixed furniture, and athletic or recreational fields in honor of those individuals. As functions within a building may change over time, functional names or acronyms for major buildings should be avoided. Smaller buildings, such as the heating plant that house functions of general need to the campus or community, may be referred to with functional names.

    1. Buildings or other property of the Montana University System may be named after or dedicated in honor of a person or entity only upon approval of the Board of Regents.

    2. Buildings or other property of the Montana University System may be named for an academic field or designated by a functional description without the approval of the Board of Regents.

    3. Buildings or other property of the Montana University System may not be named or dedicated in honor of a person while that person is employed by the Montana University System or the State of Montana.

    4. Definitions

      • For purposes of this policy, the term “ buildings ” shall include all buildings, athletic facilities and interior spaces, such as theaters, auditoriums, libraries, and special programs and campus areas which are significant to the campus and have special status beyond the campus for some reason. All other campus areas, including but not limited to classrooms and conference rooms, are generally not considered significant interior spaces for purposes of this policy, and the University may name such spaces in accordance with this policy.

      • For purposes of this policy, the term “significant exterior spaces” shall include parking lots, assembly areas, malls, streets, and other property owned by the State of Montana under the control of the Montana University System.

  2. Purpose

    The intent of this policy is to allow recognition of the importance and/or efforts of an individual to the University or of someone who represents the ideals of the University.

  3. Procedures

    A formal written request must be submitted to the Campus Development Committee in care of the Vice Chancellor for Administration, Finance & Student Affairs . This request must include an outline of the importance of the naming to the University, the nature of the gifting and/or meritorious activity, other conditions, concerns, or impacts of the naming, and a resume or discussion of the individual(s) proposed to be honored.

    The Campus Development Committee will forward the proposal with its recommendation to the Chancellor, who holds final campus approval responsibility for all naming proposals. The Chancellor will have final approval for naming of certain interior spaces.

    If applicable, the Chancellor will submit the proposal to the President of The University of Montana and the Board of Regents for review and action. No individuals may commit the University to any proposed naming until this process is completed and formal acceptance has been made.

    Any signage commemorating the name of any campus room, building or property must be approved by the Office of the Chancellor.

  4. Authority

    Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education Policy 1004.1, Naming of Buildings, establishes the policy and procedures for naming actions for buildings and property of the Montana University System.

  5. Responsibility

    Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance/Student Affairs, Campus Development Committee, Chancellor