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600 - Campus Facilities

601.7 Burning of Candles and Incense

Date Adopted: 5/31/17
Date Revised:
References: 1991 Uniform Fire Code, Sections 2.201-2.205
Issuing Office: Administration and Finance
Approved By: Susan Briggs

I.    Policy

       Because of fire safety and health risks associated with the burning of candles and incense, The University
       of Montana Western does not allow their indoor use in any campus building. Because of the close
       proximity of living quarters the ban on the indoor use of candles and incense applies to all student
       dormitories and apartments.  The use of candles and incense are prohibited in all campus work locations.

II. Purpose

       This policy is established to provide a safe and healthy campus environment.

III. Procedures

       Exceptions to this policy include:

       A.  Special requests may be approved in advance by the Vice Chancellor for Administration &
       Finance/Student Affairs.

IV. Authority

      This policy is consistent with The University of Montana Policy Number 202.8; Procedure OPS-053

V. Responsibility

      Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance/Student Affairs, Dean of Students.  Directors and facility
      managers are responsible for assisting in this enforcement by monitoring their indoor areas for possible
      violations.  Persistent violators can be reported to the Director of Human Resources or the Dean of
      Students for appropriate personnel policy or student conduct code action.