Adding/Dropping a Course 

Before the Semester Begins 

  • Web Registration: Login to DAWGS and make the desired changes to the schedule. An advising pin is required in order to make changes to a course schedule in DAWGS
  • In Person Registration: Complete and submit a Student Class Schedule Change Form.  Students attempting to add a closed or restricted course must complete the form and secure written approval of the course instructor before submitting the completed form. 

After the Semester Begins 

Once the semester begins, all students course schedule changes are initiated with the Change of Schedule form available through the registrar or academic advising offices. 

  • Complete the Change of Schedule form securing the necessary signatures/approvals including instructor and either faculty advisor or academic advising signatures. 
  • Return the completed form to the registrar’s office before the deadlines on the academic calendar. Forms that are not completed will not be processed. 

If a student is unable to come to campus to complete the add/drop process they may contact the academic advising office for assistance. 

Exchanging a Course, No Record on Transcripts, and “W” withdraw grades 

Exchanging a Course 

  • Prior to or during the first two days of each block a student may exchange a course of even credits within a single block (i.e. a 4-credit course in block one for another 4-credit course in block one) without receiving a “W” grade. The Change of Schedule form must be completed in order to receive an exchange of courses. 

No Record on Transcripts 

  • During the first fifteen instructional days of the semester, a student may withdraw from all courses without having record of enrollment appear on their UMW transcripts. Student are still accountable to any tuition accrued or financial aid requirements.   See the tuition refund calendar for the time the student attended to determine refund percentages.  Registration fees may apply. 

“W” Withdraw grades 

  • “W” grades are applied to a student’s academic record after the first fifteen instructional days pass for any student who withdraws from a course or from the University within the deadlines stipulated in the Academic Calendar . Registration fees may apply. 

Late Add/Drop/Withdraw 

In extenuating circumstances (i.e. illness, family emergency) students may petition using the Request for Academic Policy Waiver or Enrollment Status Change for a late add, drop, or withdraw if an academic calendar deadline has been missed.  For an Academic Policy Waiver or Enrollment Status Change to be considered it must include the following: 

  • An attached copy of the Change of Schedule form with all required signatures. 
  • Documentation supporting an extenuating circumstance that prevented the student from meeting the academic calendar deadlines. 
  • Written justification by the student of why the request should be approved. 
  • The completed form and supporting materials are returned to the registrar’s office for review. Please note that returning the form does not guarantee approval. 

The Enrollment Petitions Committee will review petitions and supplementary documentation.  The registrar’s office will communicate the final decision of the committee to the student.  The Enrollment Petitions Committee typically meets once a block.