ELearner Eligibility 

An eLearning course at Montana Western is a web-based, state supported, academic credit bearing course with minimal in person contact with faculty.  An eLearning student is defined as a student taking eLearning courses only who has declared the status by completing the eLearning form 

Certain fees will be waived for formally declared eLearning student.  ELearning student’s ability to register will be limited to eLearning online courses only.  The following student categories do not meet the requirements to declare themselves as an eLearner. 

  • Student who accept Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) scholarships. 
  • Any student, regardless of residency status, who resides in the 59725 zip code locality. This includes UMW residence halls. 
  • Any student registered for at least one non-eLearning class during a semester. 

Montana Western assumes students are not eLearners unless informed otherwise by submission of the Change of Status form  or completing the eLearner Change of Status online form. 

eLearner requests and declarations  must be received in the Registrar’s Office before the start of the semester in order to apply towards the enrolled term.  ELearning students who do not declare as eLearners will be charged regular tuition and fees.  See Business Services for Tuition and Fee information. 

Please fill out the eLearner form 

  • Summer 2021 eLearner forms due no later than Friday June 5th. 
  • Fall 2021 eLearner forms due no later than Friday September 14th. 
  • Spring 2021 eLearner forms due no later than Friday January 31st.