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Date Adopted: 08/26/1988
Date Revised: 10/21/2002
References: WMCUM Policy 1120
Issuing Office: University Advancement
Approved By: Tom Yahreas

  1. Policy

    State law mandates that all publications produced by a State agency (the University of Montana Western) be handled through established channels. Montana Western’s office of News & Publications has procedural responsibility for quality and consistency in University publications and printing. Ultimate authority for University publications is vested in the Office of the Chancellor.

  2. Purpose

    A graphic identity program is necessary to establish and maintain institutional image and to show the cohesiveness of the University of Montana Western. With a graphic identity program, each Montana Western product and project is instantly recognized as part of the institution as it carries the same identifying label or symbol. Research shows that the level of giving increases when an organization is easily recognized.

  3. Procedures

    All proposed publications must be approved for substance, content, and budget by the appropriate responsibility center director before the News & Publications Office publications process is initiated. The University will not be held responsible for any document bearing the UMW logo or name that has not gone through this process. All printing other than publications (signs, t-shirts, decals, plaques, soft goods) that officially represent the University must use the official University logo and be approved by the News & Publications Office, with prior approval from the appropriate responsibility center director.

    The News & Publications Office should be contacted when planning begins on a publication. The average publication (flyer, program, poster, simple brochure, etc.) takes about four weeks in production, which includes design, editing, typesetting, proofreading, and printing. Large and more elaborate publications (brochures, schedules, posters with tear-off cards, etc.) will take proportionately more time.

    The originator is responsible for the content of the publication. The News & Publications staff provides editorial assistance to ensure consistency with University policy, terminology, and style. Final determination of design, typography, photographs, and content changes in copy will be made in consultation with the originator.

    The originator of a publication will be expected to provide copy, and will be responsible for stating ideas and conveying information to be included accurately, concisely, and clearly. Further assistance in copywriting and editing are available from the Office of News & Publications.

    All copy submitted to News & Publications should be typewritten on 8½x11” paper, one side only, and double spaced. Pages shall be numbered consecutively. Samples of desired style, layout, and design may be attached and are encouraged.

    The originator is responsible for factual agreement of the printed text with the original text provided. Copy should be complete and cleared as to factual accuracy before submission to News & Publications. Proofs will be submitted to the originator prior to printing, during which time corrections on typesetting or make-up errors should be indicated.

    If a publication requires special photographs, the News & Publications Office should be contacted before making arrangements to ensure that the photographs will be suitable for the format and reproduction method of the publication.

    The originator of the publication is responsible for all costs associated with producing the publication, including but not limited to design, layout, art, typesetting, printing, or photo services which may be provided on campus or contracted through an outside agency. The originator of the publication is responsible for its distribution and any associated costs for distribution.

    The News & Publications Office will maintain contact with the printer or vendor until the printing job is complete.

    All proposed publications and printing must be accompanied by a completed and signed UMW purchase order. This purchase order must be co-signed by the News & Publications Office before being submitted to the Business Services Office.

  4. Authority

  5. Responsibility

    Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, Director of News & Publications, Chancellor