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Event Application Form

Event Application Form

*Location of the room may be reassigned to meet the current Social Distancing Policy

Food and Beverages Policy

Events requiring food or beverage service will be scheduled in facilities equipped to provide such services. Organizations or individuals using the University facilities may not sell or serve food or beverages provided by sources other than the UMW Food Service without prior approval. All food/beverages served must meet current COVID-19 policies.
*(If yes) You will be emailed a waiver form. The form must be completed and approved by UMW Food Service before the event.

Alcohol Policy

A licensed vendor must be used to provide alcohol for the event in accordance with local, state and federal laws.
*You will be emailed additional forms to submit. The forms must be completed and approved by UMW Food Services before the event.

Event Planning: Sponsoring organization is responsible for the following:

a.) Ticket sales/advertising/carding/set up & cleanup

b.) Adhering to mask wearing requirments, social distancing and other COVID-19 related procedures

c.) The applicant and/or sponsor/advisor must be in attendance during the event. List names of each who will be in attendance below: