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Optimal Resume: Step-by-Step Guide

Creating Your Account

To create an account with Optimal Resume, click here. This will open a new window. In the upper-right-hand corner, you will see a “NEW USER” button, click it.
Fill out all the required fields. You now have an Optimal Resume account.

Accessing Your Account
Click on the Optimal Resume link, and in the upper-right-hand corner of the new window, click “LOGIN.”

Navigating Optimal Resume’s Website
The first page you see when you log on is the “Document Center” page.
This page will allow you to create resumes and cover letters, as well as let you practice your interviewing skills.

For Resumes

  • Click “Create New Resume”
  • Name your resume (maybe the name of the job you are applying for) and then click the green “Start Resume” button
  • Under the “Browse Samples” selection, click “Continue”
  • You have 440 resume templates to choose from, if you want, you can sort them into subgroups by clicking on those groups in the upper-left hand side of the screen (for example: “Management”)
  • Once you find a resume you like and that is appropriate for the job you are applying for, click the “Select” option in the bottom-left hand corner of the resume. An enlarged view of that specific resume will appear. If you like the resume, click the green “Use This Sample” button; if not, click the “x” in the top right-hand corner to go back to browsing resumes. There are a lot of options once you get into the specific resume template you want. The following are some basics (if you need help, see Susan White in the Learning Center).

To enter data, simple click on the section of the resume you want to edit. For example, click on the “Education” section. A smaller screen will pop up, allowing you to change the Section Name and also to enter information into the text box. Click “Save” to save any changes you made. These will be automatically updated in your resume. Some boxes have more options than others. Pay attention to what boxes you are typing information into.

  • Spellcheck: click on the “Spellcheck” option underneath the “Document” header. This option will highlight any misspelled words. Just like in Word, you can right click and get a list of words to choose from. To turn the option off, simply re-click the Spellcheck button.
  • To delete a section click the little “x” to the right of the section title name under the “Sections” header on the right-hand side of the page.
  • To add a section, click the “Add Section” button on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • To move the order of the sections around, click the “Reorder” button (next to the “Add Section” button. You can then click and drag different sections into a new order.
  • To submit your resume for review, click the “Review Center” button. Under “Review Group” option, select the “Students and Alumni” option. Under “Reviewers,” selected “Susan White.” Finally, click the blue “Submit” button.

* If you need any additional help, please stop by the Learning Center, or call Career Services at 406.683.7143.