Student Responsibility Enrollment and Attendance

Students are held responsible for making informed enrollment decisions and for knowledge of and compliance with Montana Western policies and procedures as outlined in this handbook, the current University catalog, the official UMW web site and the current printed class schedule as well as special registration instructions which may be issued on a semester-by-semester basis.

Students at the University of Montana Western enroll on a semester basis and are expected to register (including paying tuition and fees) prior to the start of the term for all classes they plan to complete during that term and once registered, to actively participate in learning activities associated with courses in which they are enrolled.  Academic calendar add and drop deadlines are strictly enforced.  

Faculty outline requirements for satisfactory completion of courses in a syllabus made available to students at the beginning of a class.  Students are responsible for ascertaining attendance and course completion requirements of each class in which they are enrolled.  Regular class attendance and participation is critical to student academic success.  

Requirements for degrees and programs of study offered at Montana Western are listed in the University Catalog.  Students should consult their adopted catalog and contact their advisor or Advising Office staff with questions concerning course and grade requirements for graduation.