Academic Penalties

Depending on the severity of the acts of academic misconduct, a student may incur one or more of the following penalties: 

1. Academic Penalty by Course Instructor

The student receives a failing or reduced grade in an academic exercise, examination, or course, and/or is assigned additional work that may include re-examination. The option to be selected is solely the province of the faculty member.  The decision may be appealed, as outlined in Section IV.A.1.3, of this Student Handbook.

2. Denial of a Degree

A degree is not awarded.

3. Revocation of a Degree

A previously awarded degree is rescinded.

4. Expulsion

The student is permanently separated from the University and also may be excluded from any University-owned or controlled property or events.

5. Suspension

The student is separated from the University for a specified period of time and also may be excluded from participation in any University-sponsored activity. Suspension may not exceed one calendar year.

6. Disciplinary Probation

The student is warned that further misconduct may result in Suspension or Expulsion. Conditions may be placed on continued enrollment for a specified time.

7. Disciplinary Warning

The student is issued a written warning that further misconduct may result in more severe disciplinary sanctions.