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As we approach the end of Montana Western’s current strategic plan in 2026, aligning with our upcoming seven-year NWCCU accreditation visit, this is an opportune time to initiate the groundwork for UMW’s next strategic plan. Beginning the planning and development process early is crucial to ensure thoughtful participation from the entire campus. ​Everyone in the university community is invited to actively participate.​ Dr. Estee Aiken, Dean of Strategic Initiatives, and Dr. Bradley Wood, Assistant Professor of Biology, will serve as co-chairs of the steering committee that will guide us through this work.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive, yet flexible, strategic plan that will enable Montana Western to adapt and thrive amidst the changing demographics, evolving student needs, and emerging workforce demands that impact the landscape of higher education today. ​

This effort will also involve a thorough review of the current mission and vision of Montana Western that reflects our aspiration to prepare UMW graduates for their futures by providing the best educational experience we can offer.​

2024-2026 Strategic Plan

Our initial focus will be the evaluation of three foundational pillars that will guide the development of the strategic plan: Higher Education, Workforce Development, and the College Experience.

Pillar 3: College Experience


Spring-Fall 2024Spring 2025Fall 2025Spring 2026Fall 2026
Listening sessions and working group meetingsFormation of the Strategic Plan Steering Committee and NWCCU visitStrategic Plan writing based on group and individual input, as well as feedback from the NWCCU visitFinal draft of Strategic Plan made available for feedbackImplement new Strategic Plan

Working Groups

To facilitate a comprehensive discussion about what each of these pillars means for Montana Western, four working groups will be established:​

Operations Working Group:
Staff and Administration​ Representatives

Student Working Group:
Student Representatives​


Your feedback is important to us:

Listening Sessions

All-Student Listening Session: Thursday, March 21, 2024

All students are invited to attend one of three sessions:

All University Town Hall

Friday, April 26, 2024 at 3:30 p.m.

Location: TBA


Contact Information

Strategic Planning


710 S. Atlantic St., Dillon, MT




[email protected]